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Autofroth®: Low-Pressure, Rigid Polyurethane (PU) Foam Systems

Autofroth® polyurethane foam systems are specially formulated to meet and exceed customer needs in commercial refrigeration, marine, refrigerated trucking (reefer), and countless other applications.

Backed by field-proven performance and BASF’s world-class expertise in chemistry, Autofroth® offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional high-pressure polyurethane foam systems.

What are Autofroth® systems?

Autofroth® are two-component, specialized polyurethane foam systems dispensed under low pressure using BASF equipment.

Here’s how it works:

1. Nitrogen pressure “pumps” each polyurethane component through the dispensing gun.

2. Each flow controller dispenses the component at the desired ratio.

3. The two components combine in a static mixer, which helps maintain the foam’s consistent texture and pattern.

BASF Autofroth®  foam systems can be supplied in portable pressurized tanks, eliminating the need to dispose of totes or drums. The Autofroth® systems offer simplified setup, processing and maintenance — all supported by the dedicated service team at BASF.

Key Advantages

Autofroth® Equipment Features and Benefits 

  • Simple and cost-effective to set up
  • Returnable portable tanks are available, eliminating drum or tote disposal
  • Dispensing equipment can be set up as a portable or permanent system
  • Quality control options include programmable timers, ratio monitors, and data acquisition
  • No pumps, heat exchangers, or mechanical mixers required

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