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Autofroth®: Low Pressure Rigid Polyurethane Foam Solutions

Autofroth® specially formulated foam chemical systems take full advantage of the pressurized dispensing equipment's capabilities. Chemicals are produced in a broad range of rigid two-component formulations, each designed for specific application requirements.

Autofroth® is a portable, turn key solution for rigid polyurethane foaming for manufacturing settings, with BASF providing dispensing equipment, two component Polyurethane Isocyanate and Polyols chemicals, and technical services. Autofroth® SL series dispensing guns are used to dispense chemicals with nitrogen under pressure. The output of the dispensing gun is from 6 lbs./minute to 110 lbs./minute, depending on customer needs. The chemical is stored in returnable portable tanks owned by BASF. Customers need to provide only electricity, nitrogen, water and plant air, and BASF will provide the rest (dispensing, guns, controllers, hoses and accessories, chemicals in portable tanks) to set up the foaming operation. BASF has a wide selection of Autofroth® Polyourethane Foam systems with blowing agents such as: 134a, 245fa, HFO, CP, water, etc, with different densities, reactivites, and insulation perfromance.


Key Advantages of Autofroth®

  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Variety of available densities
  • Reactivity profiles make it possible to produce foam suitable for anything from light, thin cross-sections to heavy structural parts

Autofroth® PU foam is often used for insulation, structrual integrity or flotation purposes. It has excellent insulation performance. It has applications in commercial refirgration, consumer refirgeration, coolers, refrigerated trasnsporation, SIP panels,construction, and marine flotation. BASF also has Class 1 certified Autofroth® PU foam systems.


BASF also offers light weight Autofroth® spray guns for spray foam operations in manufacturing settings. It is designed to be used in a plant environment to allow only limited area where PPE are needed for operators. The advantages of Autofroth® Spray are: low capital cost, less Personal Protection Equipment, low pressure and mobile for spray application. The output of Autofroth® spray gun is 6 lbs./minute or 17 lbs./minute.

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