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Cellasto® NVH Powertrain & Chassis

Cellasto® NVH powertrain & chassis extends our well-established portfolio to create new applications with the best NVH performance in small packages. By combining acoustic isolation at high frequencies with high damping at large amplitudes, we can help you design optimal innovations in acoustic comfort, vehicle dynamics and safety.


Subframe Mount

Technical Advantages

  • Low dynamic stiffening
  • Large stiffness spread in X-Y-Z possible
  • Hybrid mount in compact and microcellular polyurethane is possible
Cellasto<sup>®</sup> mount for electric motor

Mount for Electric Motor

Technical Advantages

• Improved acoustic at high frequencies
• Safe control of powertrain movements
• High durability


Mount for Head-Up Display 

Technical Advantages

• No vibrations of displayed information
• Very compact packages
• High durability


Mount for Compartment Door Drive

Technical Advantages

  • Improved acoustic isolation
  • Safe transfer of forces
  • Integration in smallest packages

Mount for A/C and Air Compressor

Technical Advantages

  • Optimized acoustic isolation
  • Reduced resonance effects
  • All-in-one solution

Torque Rod Isolation

Technical Advantages

  • Transfer of high loads
  • Improved NVH by superior isolation
  • Low dynamic stiffness
  • Compact packages
  • High durability

Battery-Pack Mount

Technical Advantages

  • Best performance in small packages
  • Low weight
  • High durability
  • NVH improvement