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Elastoskin® (PU) – premium surfaces

Automotive spray skin systems for high-quality looks and fine tactile properties. PU-molded skins in Elastoskin® ensure a high quality look and particularly fine tactile properties in premium cars. They can be produced in constant wall thickness and allow much versatility for design.

Key advantages of Elastoskin®

  • Soft touch, a pleasant feel and a high-quality appearance for car interiors
  • Suitable for use in the mould temperature range between 70 and 90°C
  • Good adhesion to paint (IMC: in-mould coating)
  • Short and easy demoulding
  • less than 250 ppm FOG to VDA278, fogging values of less than one milligram and the odour score of 3.0 in accordance with the relevant VDA standard 270
  • Key Benefit 6: Uniform skin thickness resulting from the good flow properties of the material

Elastoskin® is an aromatic PU sprayed skin (Elastoskin® S) or RIM skin (Elastoskin® I) for high-quality vehicle interior fittings that are pleasant to the touch. The special advantage of the Elastoskin® sprayed skin is both its touch and its performance under pressure withstand the strictest criteria and provide for a soft, pleasant surface covering. This impression is supported by the foam backing used, which is the PU semi-hard system Elastoflex® E.

Used in instrument and door panels of Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac models, among an increasing vehicular range, it costs less than PVC or other skin materials and is a good alternative in the process for surface creation and decoration in the automotive industry.

Elastoskin® provides luxurious look and exquisite feel

Both surface materials stand out for their luxurious look and exquisite feel. The IMC spray skin, an aromatic PU system, is relatively soft since it is also back-foamed.

This is why it is employed whenever good haptic properties in response to pressure are valued in areas such as instrument panels, armrests or inside door paneling. HPM-TPU, in contrast, yields a soft touch (tactile sensation).


Premium material for premium feeling

Another advantage that Elastoskin® has is that it has very good demoldability, high resistance to ageing and an exact imageability of contours. Color shading and the integration of additional construction units during the spraying process are also possible.

Polychromatism can be realized during the IMC spraying procedure with the aid of masking, whereby the entire area of the second color is covered during spraying. With Elastoskin®, an even skin thickness is achieved over the whole surface as the reactivity can also be accurately adjusted together with the operating stability of the material controlled within the tool.

The spraying process using an aromatic PU system clearly produces lower emissions than comparable procedures. Moreover, it offers outstanding surface quality and this during a high degree of freedom in the implementation of complex geometry.

With the aromatic PU there are shorter formatting times and thus the use of the parting agent can be clearly reduced, resulting in a longer tool life span.

Elastoskin® application range

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Elastoskin®!

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