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Potential applications

Ultramid® Deep Gloss – Let your car interior shine

There is a great demand for surfaces with a piano-black look in car interiors. It is to be expected that the percentage of high-quality, partially functionalized surfaces will continue to increase. This trend is being pushed by new types of operating concepts following the transition to autonomous driving.

Thanks to its balanced property profile, Ultramid® Deep Gloss is the ideal material for:

  • decorative trims, e.g. display edgings
  • decorative panels around lights
  • storage racks in headliners
  • functional components, e.g. air vents 
  • inlays in car doors or center consoles

In addition to the piano-black look, porcelain white, ivory, earthy shades and other premium colors are possible. Ultramid® Deep Gloss has been developed primarily to meet the requirements for automotive interiors. But it is also suitable for manufacturing components with similar requirement profiles in the consumer goods sector.


Amorphous materials have a high gloss level and are therefore used in many everyday products. When there are high demands on the permanent preservation of the surface properties, they generally have to be coated as the original level of chemical resistance and the resistance to scratching and abrasion are not sufficient. Semi-crystalline polyamides, however, have excellent chemical resistance but not the necessary gloss and resistance to scratching required for applications demanding maximum surface quality.

Special additives provide the continuous-use properties required for high-quality surfaces, such as resistance to scratching and abrasion as well as sufficiently high UV resistance. Compared to other, uncoated high-gloss materials, Ultramid® Deep Gloss impresses with its outstanding abrasion resistance. In addition, the strict requirements of the automotive industry regarding emissions and odors were taken into account during the development.

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