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With multifunctional construction products, we help you to improve the quality of life in and around the home

Building construction and use account for about thirty percent of global energy consumption. Sustainable construction becomes increasingly important for climate protection and resource conservation. Our products and our development work contribute to both cost-effective and eco-friendly building construction and design.


You are looking for an insulating material that combines top performance with economy? You want to modernize your house and need space-saving, energy efficient materials for the roof, walls and floors? You are on the lookout for a cost-effective and at the same time sustainable solution for your customers in the construction industry? Then take a look at the BASF product range. Choose from a multitude of systems and customized products – geared entirely to your individual needs.

For a good and comfortable room climate, you now need much less energy
than ever before

For high-performance insulation in and around the home, you can choose from numerous materials and products from BASF. The broad spectrum of polyurethane products includes structural panels made of Elastopor® and Elastopir® for the insulation of walls and floors, as well as pitched and flat roofs. These systems feature mechanical properties permitting their use in heavy-duty areas while also displaying exceptional thermal protection. They are compression-resistant, dimensionally stable, water-repellent and therefore ideal for floors, walls and roofs. And there is one more advantage: They provide outstanding insulation values at lower insulation thickness. This benefit saves energy costs and precious space.

Polyurethane spray foam systems like Elastospray®Skytite® and Enertite® are applied straight onto the surface and form a continuous, uniform insulation layer without joints and gaps. Thanks to excellent adhesion, these products can be used on practically any dry and dust-free substrate and create an insulation free of thermal bridges. While Elastospray® and Skytite® can be used for interior as well as exterior insulation of walls, floors and roofs, Enertite® is an open cell spray foam designed for the insulation of interior walls and ceilings.

Skytite® Speicherstadt
Skytite® Speicherstadt

Elastospray® LWP and Skytite® LWP: the eco-friendly choice

The Elastospray® LWP and Skytite® LWP systems are the consistent further development of BASF’s proven spray foams using the latest blowing-agent generation. In addition to improving environmental compatability, they deliver superlative insulation, particularly thanks to their closed-cell structure. The Elastospray® LWP and Skytite® LWP product lines are free of ingredients that contribute to global warming due to the greenhouse effect or that deplete the ozone layer.


In-depth expertise in the construction sector

You want to improve the functionality of windows and roller shutters? Then our materials are the number one choice for the reinforcement and foam-filling of window profiles with Ultramid®, Ultradur® and Elastopor®. Window profiles can be a weak point in building insulation. However, if PVC window profiles are reinforced with Ultradur and the cavities are filled with Elastopor, the insulation value of the profiles increases. BASF’s latest innovation in the Ultradur® product line can even be used for co-extrusion with PVC. Compared with conventional steel stiffening, the profile is lighter, shows better insulation values and can be produced at lower costs without compromising on stability.

Window shutter profiles as well as garage doors insulated with Elastopor® complete the insulation of the building envelope while providing additional benefits such as stiffness, sound insulation and running smoothness at the same time. 



Premium choice for sanitary and water applications


For the sanitary and water industry we have developed products that make life more pleasant and less complicated. No matter whether you are looking for a plastic solution for heavily stressed parts in the sanitary sector or components coming into contact with drinking water, we've got solutions which not only fulfill technical requirements but also aspects of health and safety. Our portfolio for sanitary applications comprises a variety of Ultraform®Ultradur®Ultramid® as well as Ultrason® grades.

Under the brandname Aqua® BASF offers a comprehensive range of engineering plastics optimized for contact with drinking water.


We supply intelligent details in addition

Dowels of Ultramid® display impressive strength, toughness and simple processing. And since we can be found in all areas where intelligent applications are involved, we also have the Elastolit® polyurethane system for imitation of wood and stone. By using this rigid integral foam, you can combine the appearance of a natural material with the advantages of a robust plastic, indoors and outdoors.

A layer of Elastocoat® pays off especially for the protection of flat roofs since flat roofs are often prone to leakage. As a liquid film, this system wraps itself around even complicated surfaces like roof projections, dome lights or air-conditioning shafts, creating a jointless, highly durable and watertight seal.

The trend towards more ecological construction and sustainable materials drives demand for wood fibre insulation materials. Our 1-component PU binder is used in the dry process for the production of stable wood fibre insulation boards. Elastan® enables excellent bonding which adds significantly to the good mechanical properties of the insulation board. 

More BASF products for construction: 

Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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