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Cellasto® in Construction

Cellasto® in Construction is used for applications which are utilised to cushion impact gently and absorb high energies.


Key Properties of Cellasto® for Elevator Construction

  • Vibration damping
  • High energy absorption
  • Very low lateral expansion
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Available from stock

The safety elements in elevator construction are the cable and overrun buffers made from Cellasto®. Vibration damping guide shoes ensure the safe and comfortable movement of the elevator car.

  • Overrun and cable buffers
  • Guide shoes
  • Guide shoe housings

tested and approved by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV).

The complete range of products is available from stock.


Key Properties of Cellasto® Crane Buffers

  • Very low lateral expansion
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Very large spring excursion (up to 75% of their original length)
  • Different materials possible
  • Customer-specific buffer sizes

Crane buffers are intended to cushion impacts resulting from cranes and trolleys bumping into each other or the end stops. When they reach their mechanical end stop, crane buffers made of Cellasto® are compressed by up to 75 percent of their original length. This large spring excursion ensures the desired short delay and thus safe operation of the crane.

  • Crane end stops
  • End stops for crabs
  • End stops for hoists

Depending on specific requirements buffers differ in sizes and materials.

Applications with Cellasto® in Other Industries

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Cellasto®!