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Elastoflex® E (PU) : Semi-rigid foam system

Although invisible, Elastoflex® E semi-rigid foams contribute extensively to the valuable appearance in car interiors, since the foam is behind most skin surfaces and causes a pleasant, soft and elastic touch. Though it needs to fill even smallest gaps between carrier and skin it spreads homogeneously at very robust processing.


Advantages of Elastoflex® E

  • Efficient and economic
  • Improvement of passenger protection with load distribution during impact
  • Good adhesion to films, skins, and instrument panel beams
  • Overall weight reduction through low foam density
  • High durability even at humid and hot environments

Polyurethanes achieve good adhesion in combination with PVC, ABS and PU foils. Thanks to its excellent insulation properties, Elastoflex® E also enables shock absorption and distribution without rubber-like kickback.

With its excellent damping behaviour, Elastoflex® E can effectively absorb and distribute the impact without a rubber – like rebound. Because of its open-celled structure, it also has special acoustic properties, eliminating ratting and humming. In addition, with fogging values below 0.5 mg according to DIN 75201, emissions in the passenger compartment are low.

A new state-of-the-art honeycomb technology using semi-rigid Elastoflex® E system is used for boot floors, rear shelves and spare tyre covers. Combinations of paper honeycombs and polyurethane are easy to manufacture to produce lightweight vehicle interior components that are capable of good stress and vibration absorption.


Innovative Products

In addition to Elastoflex® E we offer further innovative materials. These might also be interesting for you.

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