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ENERTITE®(PU) - the cost-effective spray foam insulation

When insulating your home you should not have to choose between price and performance. ENERTITE® is a low- to mid-density open-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation which delivers significant environmental benefits including lower energy consumption and a healthier home. For certain indoor applications ENERTITE® is a cost-effective alternative to closed-cell spray foam.


Key Advantages of ENERTITE®

  • Cost-effective alternative to closed-cell spray foams
  • Suitable for insulation of interior walls and attics
  • Increases energy-efficiency
  • Excellent sound control
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increases living comfort and air quality

Applied as a liquid, ENERTITE® expands rapidly to many times of its original size. ENERTITE® is a particularly lightweight spray foam which is suitable for the interior insulation of walls and attics.  ENERTITE® easily flows in and around difficult to reach areas such as pipes and wiring, creating a seamless seal and completely filling wall cavities. Unlike BASF's closed-cell Elastospray® systems, ENERTITE® is an open-cell polyurethane foam. Although ENERTITE® also forms an airtight, thermal bridge-free insulation layer with no joints or gaps, its open-cell structure makes it permeable to water vapor. For this reason, an additional vapor barrier might be required, depending on the application and local building regulations. Due to its open-cell structure the thermal conductivity of ENERTITE® is higher compared to Elastospray®. However, this can be easily compensated for by applying a thicker foam layer. ENERTITE® is a cost-effective alternative to closed-cell spray foam wherever interior insulation is not subject to particular mechanical stress and where an extra layer of insulation is not a problem. And ENERTITE® also offers two other advantages: it does not only improve energy-efficiency but also provides effective sound insulation. In addition, it is particularly environmentally friendly due to the use of water as a blowing agent.

When you insulate with ENERTITE®, you are choosing an affordable solution for improved energy-efficiency, increased living comfort and effective sound control with high environmental compatibility. 



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Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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