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Going for Gold with Infinergy®

Finding a running shoe that can go any distance while remaining comfortable is the perennial question sports manufacturers hope to answer. BASF’s new foam is giving runners wearing adidas’ Energy Boost an extra edge now. Unique spring and cushioning properties lead to completely new and improved ways of running.

From sitting in ice baths, to training at altitude, we all know the lengths professional athletes will go to to win their event. So it’s hardly surprising that they expect their shoes to be as fine-tuned as their bodies. But with the global market for running products estimated at around €15 billion there is clear evidence that even Sunday morning joggers are getting more demanding about what they put on their feet. And finding a running shoe that can go the distance while remaining comfortable is the perennial question sports manufacturers hope to answer.

Over the past 20 years the world’s understanding of sports and science has mushroomed and fads have come and gone. But throughout, a mutual desire to find that elusive shoe has kept BASF and adidas working together to constantly refine and exceed the footwear currently being used both on track and in the field. Now a new development in that partnership is giving runners an extra edge.

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Using BASF’s new foam Infinergy®, adidas has developed the “Energy Boost”, an entirely new running shoe with unique spring and cushioning properties. Its standout feature is the midsole, the central element of every running shoe. It contains the new particle foam, absorbs the shock impact on the foot during jogging, while simultaneously cushioning it. The high rebound effect of the material provides the runner with an energy return not offered by any other running shoe. As soon as the compressive impulse subsides, the foam returns to its original shape. As a result, the sole absorbs the runner’s energy, but then returns a large amount to the foot almost immediately.


This has led to completely new and improved ways of running: ‘Many runners have told us that the shoe feels like it is almost alive,’ explains Gerd Manz, Senior Innovation Director Global Brands at adidas. Tests done on the award winning foam also show that it is three times more temperature resistant than other kinds, meaning your performance and comfort are unaffected by changes in heat or cold. So whether you are out training in 30 degree heat or up in the Arctic Circle, Energy Boost and Infinergy™ will help you secure a gold medal performance every time.

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