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Home Furniture from Extravagant to Classic with Our Polyurethanes and Engineering Plastics

We offer furniture manufacturers the versatility to implement any style in meeting customer demands for design diversity. Comfort, well-being and sophisticated design are synonymous for home furniture manufactured with our polyurethane systems and engineering plastics.

With  Elastoflex® W, flexible polyurethane foam systems, and  Elastofoam® I, flexible integral systems, we offer the solutions for producing high quality home furniture.

Elastoflex® W - lightweight, resilient and with good air permeability properties - is an excellent cushioning material for the furniture industry. 

Elastofoam® I - the combination of a lightweight flexible foam core and a compact, tough skin results in a decorative surface finish (pleasant to touch) as well as high elasticity even after continuous stress, just to mention two of the advantages.

Both products are typically used in several types of home furniture from designer chairs, sofas to baby seats. They can be molded to achieve any design for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Boln Seat red

Design chairs are a special expertise of BASF. We have many decades of experience working with plastics for design chairs and seating furniture. Just to mention the chair MYTO, designed by Konstantin Grcic or the design chairs Vegetal and Belleville of the market leader Vitra. The development of our Ultramid® SI (surface improved) is a direct result of our work with prestigious designers and furniture manufacturers.

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