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Performance Polymers


BASF Nederland B.V. produces coatings which could solve your protection problems.

Our TechCoat® coatings can be used in construction, maintenance, transport, marine, waste water and other industries.

The coating can be applied to concrete, steel, asphalt, wood, foam and other substrates. Through spraying technology rapid curing of voc* free products is possible, in addition rollable systems are also available. Using the correct choice of pre-treatment and primer the adhesion can be guaranteed. Coloured coatings can be supplied as well as diverse top-coats.


Our force is in the formulation. BASF Polyurethanes Benelux  B.V. develops and produces coatings and delivers a total solution. Not only will we advise on your project but also on processing.

Our spray coatings can be used for:

  • Corrosion protection of metal

  • Concrete protection (sewage and liquid containment vessels, sewage drains and catch pits, sealed floors and joints)

  • Anti static and dissipative coating for floors

  • Protection of XPS, PS and PUR (sculptures, coating of PUR spray foam in storage sheds)

  • Noise reducing coatings for floors in trucks, vans and trailers.
  • Coating for the protection of wood against moisture
  • Gelcoat for moulds for foaming


If you wish to reduce the noise level of a floor or are confronted with the European directive 2000/14, then we have the solution for you.


BASF Nederland B.V. has developed a noise reducing coating that is not only hard-wearing but strong. The coating also reduces the rolling resistance. The noise reduction is typically 10 db(A). An absolute noise level of 54 db(A) was measured for this product by Cintec-Focwa/TNO Nederland. One can justly talk about a "whispering floor".


*VOC: Volatile organic compounds


You can rely on us to provide any support that may be required in carrying out projects. We also guarantee that in the long-term , spray coatings will be improved for use in a wide variety of applications.