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You need more than just a material to address your needs.

An integrative approach that includes a diverse portfolio of BASF performance materials, sustainable solutions to reduce your carbon footprint, and the expertise of an inspired team will position your company to excel in the global marketplace. 

Supported by our global team of industry-leading specialists, we will help you realize your potential through customized plastics innovations focused on sustainability and performance. Together, we are positioned to create the high-performance plastics of tomorrow.

The unique solutions you need to succeed in your industry


Explore the vital role of engineering plastics in automotive engine applications, improving performance and efficiency through lightweight and durable solutions. Discover how these advanced materials are transforming the automotive industry.
Check out BASF's biodegradable, bio-based and certified compostable biopolymers.
Discover how polyurethane solutions improve insulation, lightweight design, and sound absorption in various industries. Increase energy conservation, comfort, and safety with these innovative products.

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BASF offers high-performance polymers and solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Whether you wish to incorporate compostable plastics into your product lines or increase safety and comfort for your customers, our extensive product portfolio will have what you need.

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Why innovators choose to co-create with BASF


BASF facilitates faster innovation through higher-performing plastics materials, leading-edge tools and services, global reach and experts who are with you every step of the way. When you partner with us, you become more than a customer. You are a co-creator, and together, we can pave the road to a better future for your company and the planet.

Elevate innovation with Ultrasim®, the versatile CAE tool for BASF plastics.

Tools & Services

A partnership with BASF gives you access to innovative tools you will not find anywhere else, helping you get an edge over your competitors, including Ultrasim®, a computer-aided engineering (CAE) solution that uses BASF’s high-performance plastics to ensure you bring your best to market. We also offer fire, equipment and materials testing to ensure product safety and compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as technical support for development and sales for all BASF sites and customers worldwide.

Explore our Tools & Services

Explore BASF Performance Materials at our global Creation Centers. Collaborate with innovators, access tools like Ultrasim® and receive expert support for faster product development and superior results.

Creation Centers

Explore the world of BASF Performance Materials at one of four global BASF Creation Centers. Join other innovators to learn about our latest creations and understand the endless possibilities of what our materials and you can do. You will have access to proprietary tools, such as Ultrasim®, all while accessing support from our designers, engineers and simulation experts in your early product development phase. This results in faster innovations, better performing end products, and a learning experience you will never forget!

Create with us

Explore our eco-friendly performance materials and tools to contribute to a circular economy. Our expertise helps you quantify your carbon footprint, create low carbon footprint (LCF) products, and manage plastic waste.


Our portfolio of performance materials that includes recyclable and compostable plastics will help you meet your customers’ demands for more sustainable products along with proprietary tools that can help you contribute to a circular economy. Whether you wish to quantify your carbon footprint, creating low carbon footprint (LCF) products, or managing plastic waste with chemical and organics recycling, our global reach and expertise will help you every step of the way so that you can make net zero a reality.

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Whether you are looking for performance plastics for your products, integrative simulations to ensure you are bringing the highest quality product to market, or solutions that advance your company on the path to zero, our experts can help you each step of the way.

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