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We turn your ideas into ideal solutions.

For you, we combine cutting-edge solutions with established expertise. Bring us your ideas. We’ll help you turn them into a reality.

You need more than just a product to solve your challenges. You need a variety of high-performance materials, application, engineering, simulation and manufacturing know-how to get the job done. Backed by our global research and development network and our team of industry-leading experts, we can help you take your product to the next level. That means innovation. Enhanced sustainability. Speed to market. And a solutions-focused approach to whatever challenges you face.

Our team of materials experts and industry-leading portfolio of plastics and polyurethanes can help you meet and exceed your product development and business goals.

On Our Agenda: Innovations

Research and innovation are the motive forces of our business. We always work on developing the most attractive innovations for our customers. One of our latest innovations is a new specialty polyamide suitable for components which are high-gloss - Ultramid® Deep Gloss.

Ultramid<sup>®</sup>®<sup>®</sup> Deep Gloss

Ultramid® Deep Gloss

Ultramid® Deep Gloss is a new specialty polyamide suitable for components which are high-gloss. It reproduces structures true to detail. Thus, the material enables an interplay of light and shadow high in contrast. This provides designers with new opportunities to combine unusual textures with new levels of emotion. Initially only available in piano-black look, now in contrast colors and color.


Ultramid<sup>®</sup> Advanced T1000

Ultramid® Advanced T1000

BASF is now extending its polyphthalamide (PPA) portfolio by Ultramid® Advanced T1000 – a new compound group based on the polyamide 6T/6I. Ultramid® Advanced T1000 comprises the strongest and stiffest products of the Ultramid® (PA) family with stable mechanical properties up to temperatures of about 120 °C. It offers high resistance against humidity and contact with challenging media – outperforming standard polyamides and many other PPA materials.

Ultramid<sup>®</sup> Vision panels

Ultramid® Vision

BASF has now succeeded in developing Ultramid® Vision, the first semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. Compared to opaque standard polyamides, Ultramid® Vision shows very high light transmission with low light scattering. Ultramid® Vision – the first semi-transparent polyamide.

Ultramid® Advanced N Superhero

Ultramid® Advanced N

Ultramid® Advanced N is a new polyphthalamide by BASF with an excellent property profile: The compound portfolio offers excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures. In addition, the PPA compounds can withstand humidity and contact with challenging media while maintaining their strength.  


With its combination of properties, SLENTITE eclipses all existing insulating materials. The new product with its lambda value of < 17 mW/m x K achieves the best insulation performance for a ready-to-use panel. Compared to conventional products, insulation 25 to 50 percent slimmer is possible.

Infinergy<sup>®</sup> Adidias Shoe


Infinergy® - Small Beads, Big Possibilities

Infinergy® is the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU). The closed-cell, elastic particle foam combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams, making it as elastic as rubber but lighter.

How Performance Materials Can Deliver Customized Solutions for You


CORPUS Magazine

Digital stories from the world of construction

CORPUS, BASF’s magazine devoted to architecture, infrastructure and high-performance construction materials has moved from app to web. As of now we will be supplying you with exciting and inspirational stories from the world of construction. Have a look and discover how we will live and build tomorrow.

car interior ideal

Car Interior Ideal

We turn your car interior ideas into ideal solutions

The development of autonomous driving and e-mobility will have a major impact on the interior of the car. With our comprehensive expertise in Engineering Plastics and Polyurethanes, individual car parts testing, consultancy in design, simulation and much more - we support our customers and set new trends in the industry. Get the latest information on our Interior Blog.

Plastics in different Industries


We want to help you deliver the future of automotive ingenuity with tailor made solutions that deliver greater design freedom, more comfort and safety as well as fuel efficiency.


Is there a high performance insulation that can give you design flexibility as well as energy efficiency? How do you build something that is both durable and sustainable? These are but a few of the questions that we want to help you answer with our innovative, sustainable solutions.

Electronics & Electric

Electronics and Electric (E&E) devices are an inseparable part of our daily lives and will become even more so in the future. At BASF, we connect our innovation with the needs of our customers in the global electronic industry to provide the most advanced chemicals and electronic materials in the E&E value chain.


Today’s consumer is looking for an edge. A shoe that is lighter, or has more energy return, or is slip resistant or has a specific design geared to running a marathon or strolling around the neighborhood. We have the material and design expertise that you need to deliver that type of footwear technology.



Successful Customer Projects

Proven in practice: These case studies demonstrate the successful use of our products in customer projects.