Elastollan® in automobiles

Because versatility leads to uniqueness

Where conventional materials reach their limits, Elastollan® in vehicles can make all the difference. It is noted for its excellent haptics and mechanics, as well as its superior long-term durability and resistance to weathering. It gives freedom for a lot of design possibilities. Its strength lies in its versatility: the properties of Elastollan® can be readjusted and recombined time and again – depending on the application and the specific requirements of the component. For example, it shows high temperature as well as good media resistance and has superior dynamic properties. Its damping behavior is excellent as is its resistance against abrasion, scratch and wear.

Key benefits of Elastollan® 

  • High temperature resistance and dimensional stability
  • Very good low temperature toughness
  • Superior dynamic properties: flexible and elastic
  • Good media resistance 
  • Excellent abrasion, scratch and wear resistance
  • Very good resistance to weathering
  • High tear strength and excellent damping behavior
  • Good welding characteristics and adhesion to various materials

Examples of use

elastollan_citroen cactus_car.JPG

Exterior trim parts

Advanced exterior trim parts can be realized with Elastollan® HPM. Its freedom of design and long-term durability together with attractive haptics and a high-class appearance are advantageous. The new material combines the properties of conventional TPU, such as good tensile strength and abrasion resistance, elasticity, excellent impact resistance at low temperatures and high media resistance, with new features: It has outstanding surface properties even at low wall thicknesses, is scratch-, UV- and weather-resistant and easy to clean. 

Elastollan® Automotive Door Handles

Interior door handles, gear lever knobs, cup holders

Many polymers suffer from aggressive media like sweat, sun cream or  detergents. Elastollan® is not affected by these and offers a long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface with a smooth, flexible touch. Thanks to Elastollan®, interior door handles stand out for their high-quality look as well as good touch properties and long service life. Gear lever knobs made of Elastollan® offer a hand-friendly surface structure, are abrasion-resistant and show excellent mechanical and chemical strength.

Elastollan® Automotive Instrument and Door Panel

Instrument and door panel skins

The TPU slush material from the Elastollan® portfolio offers a plug-in solution in convenient skin slush production. In contrast to PVC, Elastollan® shows uniform properties in hot and cold environments, enabling safe airbag deployment at all conditions. Elastollan® contains no plasticizers, which are known to cause problems with emissions, discolorations and ageing. Depending on design, skin thicknesses down to 0.6mm are possible.


Automotive cables

Speed sensor cables for ABS and ESP systems use outer-sheathings of Elastollan® to provide a secure flow of information – even in the area of the wheel house, close to the axle, which is at risk of impact from stones and exposure to water, vibration and cold. BASF thermoplastic polyurethane is also used in cable coverings for electric parking brakes, battery cables and rearview cameras.


Charging cables

New mobility concepts require innovative materials. Charging cables for electric vehicles also need cable sheathings ensuring a strong resistance to UV, weather, ozone and microbes. In order to make the charging process safe, cables should be made flame retardant without halogens, must be able to form a coil and must be flexible. Elastollan® is perfect for this complex requirements profile. Elastollan® further sets itself apart from other materials by being recyclable.

  • Gearshift knobs
  • Interior door handles
  • Bushes
  • Stop dampers
  • Shrouds
  • Antennae
  • Gaskets
  • Cable guides
  • Chassis spring supports
  • Anti-skid coatings/blinds
  • Trim strips
  • Door/seat stops
  • Cupholders
  • Review camera cable
  • 360° camera


  • Flexible in cold, impact resistant, and strong.
  • Abrasion-proof and tear-resistant.
  • Sound and vibration damping.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Resistant against oils, fats, and ozone.
  • Elastic and kink-resistant.
  • Resistant to cuts, tears, and tear propagation.
  • Anti-static.
Hardness: 55 shore A to 74 shore D
Processing Method
  • Conventional single-shaft extruder and high-performance compounder
Examples of Use
  • Mounting elements, safety components, multi-component articles
  • Color and additive batchess 

Elastollan® provides you with a range of materials making the realization of almost all product ideas in injection molding feasible. Take advantage of Elastollan®'s variety of properties and profit from the experience and expertise with materials of BASF. Give your finished parts the desired form with Elastollan® – also in combination with other plastics.

  • Hardness: 55 shore A to 74 shore D
  • E-module up to 3000 N/mm²


Elastollan® grades in the hardness range between 55 shore A to 74 shore D are particularly suitable for extrusion applications. The following products can be extruded for example: Tubes, Cables, Films, Profiles, Sheathings…


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