The new Ultradur® RX (PBT) portfolio for 

high-performance radar sensors

Ultradur RX

People everywhere expect appealing designed, comfortable and safe cars. To meet these requirements, the automotive industry continuously needs innovations. Chemistry is set to play an even greater role in the future as it contributes significantly to solving the mobility challenges ahead. Besides eMobility, automated driving is gaining importance. The challenges for cameras and sensors in ADAS will continue to increase just when sensors will play a greater role.

Sensors are key components for the performance of self-driving cars 

With Ultradur® RX, BASF has developed a PBT for sensor applications. Like sensitive electronic components, sensors have to withstand high temperatures in all climate zones worldwide. They have to be resistant to media like spray water, oils or road salt while they have to block or transmit radar waves from other vehicles. 


Product description and intended usage

  • Ultradur® RX products are tailor-made PBT materials to absorb radar waves in the range of 76-81 GHz 
  • Dielectric optimized material solution to comply with the high standards in sensor industry
  • Intended to be used as material to protect radar antennas from electromagnetic noise 
  • Materials show constant protection of sensors against electromagnetic radiation up to at least 120 GHz
  • Suitable to be used as rear cover of a sensor housing or as an insert behind the printed circuit board (PCB)

Ultradur® RX product portfolio

The absorbing properties vary with material thickness and as such the right material needs to be found for each individual application – the new Ultradur® RX portfolio contains the ideal material match.
Name Lowest wall thickness
for optimal radar absorption
Features Preferred Application
Ultradur®  B4300G4 RX1 ~3 mm 20 wt-% GF reinforcement Housings and parts with higher mechanical loading
Ultradur®  B4340ZG4 RX2 ~2 mm

20 wt-% GF reinforcement

Impact modified

Housings and parts with higher mechanical loading
Ultradur®  B4520 RX2 ~1 mm Non-reinforced type Inserts for local radar absorption and parts with lower mechanical loading
Ultradur RX

Depending on the dielectric parameters, pronounced interference pattern can be obtained.

Strong radar absorption with all materials attainable.

RX products show high dielectric losses, especially RX2 grades.

Material shows very constant performance over range of thicknesses.

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