High-Performance Solutions for Future-Proof Construction

The challenges for building a safe and sustainable environment are constantly rising due to the consequences of climate change. We are experiencing an increase in extreme weather events worldwide, receding ice sheets, devastating storms, massive fires and floods, which are now recurring more often and affecting ever more areas. The sea levels are rising, which poses a particular threat to often densely populated coastal areas. The growing frequency and severity of natural disasters call for smart solutions. Future-proof construction is therefore no longer a decision, but a necessity.

High-performance material solutions are essential for the construction of long-lasting and safe structures. Whether your projects involve building residential homes or commercial properties, creating infrastructure for rapidly growing urban areas, or protecting oil and gas pipelines, our high-quality materials offer the best performance. From spray foam insulation to adhesives, binders and sealants, BASF’s broad portfolio of construction materials can meet your needs and earn your trust, regardless of your project or location. Build a better future with a BASF partnership.


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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation

From insulating new-built residential homes, to thrmal renovation of existing commercial premises and creating leak-free protective roofing systems, BASF’s high performance spray foam insulation delivers multiple benefits in one application. They offer excellent insulation value, airtightness and water-resistance and thus provide a seal against the effects of weathering and temperature. The applied foam is durable and eliminates thermal bridges to provide increased comfort, energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings for any type of residential or commercial building. 


Elastospray® Spray Polyurethane foam for interior and exterior applications

Enertite® Spray Polyurethane foam for interior walls and ceilings

Skytite® Spray Polyurethane foam for exterior roofing insulation


Elastospray®                Skytite®


Polyurethane Panel and Board Insulation

The demand for temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation is constantly rising. Whether it is about bringing fresh food products to the table or to ensuring the efficacy of modern medicine, polyurethane rigid foam insulation solutions play a crucial role in all parts of the cold chain. Sandwich panels, consisting of metal-faced sandwiches with a polyurethane core, achieve superior standards of energy efficiency and are highly versatile in their uses. They help to make facades and roofs of cold stores and industrial buildings more energy-efficient, durable, and economic. BASF’s polyurethane insulation is also used in lamination boards as well as cavity wall and floor insulation, providing excellent heat resistant properties for residents. 

Elastopir® PU rigid foam with effective fire protection

Elastopor® closed-cell PU rigid form






Infrastructure Solutions & Pipe Insulation

By 2050, two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas, creating the need for durable, dynamic infrastructure solutions. This may include eco-friendly, permeable surface materials for pathways, parking lots and other surface designs. To protect our coastlines and river banks against rising sea levels, flooding and extreme weather conditions, we need intelligent systems such as Elastocoast® to increase our safety and to prepare ourselves for the destructive force of climate change.
Used across thousands of miles of tracks, BASF Polyurethanes also play a critical role in the railroad sector - helping to reduce maintenance costs, ensure a quieter, more comfortable ride for passengers and reduce the potential for derailments. 
With long-lasting pipe insulation made with Elastopor® , energy-efficiency is ensured. It can be used for industrial pipes as well as district heating and cooling. 


Elastocoat® polyurea spray system for parking decks, loading ramps and chemical tanks

Elastocoast® PU system for revetments in coastal areas

Elastopave® PU system for strong, water- and air-permeable surfaces

Elastopor® closed-cell PU rigid foam for pipe insulation

Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for railroad pads

Elasturan® damping elastomer for railroad fastening systems

Elastocoat®                        Elastopave®  

Elastocoast®                      Elastopor®                

Elastollan®                         Elasturan®                


Adhesives, Binders & Sealants

Having adhesives and binders with good weatherability and fatigue resistance seals the deal when insulating residential and commercial buildings. Available globally, these materials have quick cure rates and excellent bonding properties.

Elastan® MDI-based binder/adhesive

Infinergy® SP expanded thermoplastic polyurethane





Polyurea Spray Coatings

Even the strongest materials need protection from the elements. Preserve the foundation and integrity of your structure with BASF’s polyurea spray coatings. Resistant to abrasion, chemicals and tearing, these special coatings preserve the look and strength of concrete and steel.

Elastocoat® coating for floors, facades and roofs



Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

During offshore and subsea expeditions, you need materials that withstand harsh conditions, protecting your employees, your equipment and the environment. Lower your costs and the risks with BASF’s sophisticated onshore, offshore and subsea applications. Resulting from decades of experience, BASF knows the oil & gas industry’s key factors for success. We offer state-of-the-art polyurethane solutions for all systems and challenges.  

Elastocast® PU elastomer suited for demanding applications

Elastopor® closed-cell PU rigid foam

Elastoshore® PU elastomer for the wet insulation of ultra-deep flowlines and subsea structures

Elasturan® PU elastomer for manufacturing parts in high-load areas


Elastocast®           Elastoshore®

Elastopor®            Elasturan®     



Specialty Market Solutions

Windows, Roller Shutters & Dowels 

BASF’s special grades of high-performance engineering plastics are ideal for improving the strength of PVC-window profiles as part of the co-extrusion process. Compared with steel stiffening, the profile is lighter and can be produced at a lower cost without compromising on strength and with improved insulation. BASF engineering plastics are also best-in-class solutions for the manufacturing of dowels and other plastic fixings.  


Ultramid® polyamides, PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6

Ultradur® polybutylene terephthalates, PBT

Read more on co-extrusion for window profiles: „Extending the limits of PVC”



Download our brochure "New Ultradur®- Bright Prospects for Window Profiles"

One step further in window construction technology!

Together with Sika AG, Switzerland, BASF developed a technology for PVC window frames that is significantly more filigree, yet stiffer. The newly developed SUR-technology using Ultradur® and a SikaFast® glue allows to create stiffness by help of the structural properties of existing glasses. Thus, the frames don’t need a steel reinforcement anymore and can be designed slimmer, thereby improving both vision and the u-value. Completely new PVC frame designs with state-of-the-art energy ratings are possible with the new technology.

More information on Ultradur® for extrusion

Our expert videos: Learn about extrusion technologies for window profiles 

ultradur_aqua portfolio_sanitary_shower head_construction.jpg

Sanitary and Water Applications

For the sanitary and water industry we have developed products that make life more pleasant and less complicated. For stressed parts in the sanitary sector and components coming into contact with drinking water, BASF has solutions which not only fulfill the technical requirements, but also all aspects of health and safety. 

Ultradur® polybutylene terephthalates, PBT

Ultraform® polyoxymethylene POM

Ultramid® polyamides, PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6

Ultrason® polyarylethersulfon PSU, PESU, PPSu


Ultradur®            Ultramid®

Ultraform®          Ultrason®

Sandwich Plate System (SPS)

SPS is a structural composite used in the civil, maritime and offshore sectors. It is approved in a wide variety of civil, offshore, maritime and special applications including stadium terraces, structural flooring, bridge decks, offshore structures and maritime vessels.

Elastocore® patended metal-elastomer-metal composite



Products_SPS_What is SPS banner 2.jpg

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