Elastan® ‒ Binder and Adhesive in One

Elastan® is an MDI-based binder/adhesive in the form of one and two component systems for various applications and substrates. BASF offers a complete portfolio of adhesives for construction elements in high quality and ultra-flexible.


Key Advantages of Elastan®:

  • MDI-system, eco-friendly
  • Fine-tuned open time & curing speed
  • Excellent binding properties
  • Fast demolding time, good roller stability
  • Broad products portfolio to meet various process requirements
  • Mature application case
Elastopor® Panel production

Complete product portfolio offered by a single source provider

Our complete portfolio of adhesives is ideally suited for a wide range of different core and facing materials such as mineral wool, glass wool, EPS (expanded polystyrol) and XPS (extruded polystyrol) as well as metall and fiberglass-reinforced polyester. All other core materials can be tailored to specific requirements.

Optimized, efficient production technologies for best product quality

BASF adhesive systems are useable with all common process technologies and can be adapted specifically to our customers' needs. We therefore offer highly advanced products and a maximum level of flexibility for the customer to choose the most efficient material combination running on the most suitable technology.