BASF Rail Solutions: On Track with Advanced Technology

BASF Polyurethanes are changing the way the rail industry addresses its maintenance and expansion challenges. As the leader in developing versatile, high-performance polyurethanes, BASF not only offers superior products for the rail sector, but also superior technical support and service. 

BASF Rail Solutions have been proven through decades of implementation across the globe. From rail yards to bridges and across thousands of miles of track, BASF is the leading supplier of Polyurethane Solutions for systems, specialties and PU basic products.


BASF Rail Soultions

  • Reduced maintence costs
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Superior products, technical support and service
  • A quieter, more comfortable ride for rail passengers
  • Reduced potential for derailements
The L0 (L zero) series magnetic-levitation train, developed by Central Japan Railway Co., sits parked on a test track at the control center before a trial run in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013. Japan resumed trial runs for the world's fastest magnetic-levitation train that will complement the Shinkansen bullet-train network when ready in 2027. Photographer: Yuriko Nakao/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Industry-leading Polyurethanes

Our exclusive polyurethane systems and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products are widely used in a variety of rail solutions to reinforce, support, stabilize, reduce maintenance time and cost, and provide: 

  • Increased durability and damping of railway pads 
  • Temperature resistant train rollover cables 
  • Elastomeric needs, including filling of voids, railway sleepers,  and bridge technology 
  • Corrosion prevention with waterproof polyurea coatings

BASF: The World Leader in Advanced Solutions

With a global presence in almost every country in the world, BASF continues to drive growth and development in a world of rapid technological, social and environmental changes. We develop and produce a wide array of high-performance materials and provide industry-leading technologies and support service to help customers achieve the best performance with their BASF products.

Elastocoat®: Impenetrable rail protection

Railway bridge deck deterioration is a major rail problem — and an expensive repair. Extreme weather elements, de-icing salts, carbon dioxide, acid rain, chlorides and other corrosive substances all contribute to the corrosion of steel track reinforcements. Elastocoat® is a high-performance spray membrane system that permanently protects rail structures from corrosion and abrasion. With outstanding tensile strength and stability, Elastocoat® helps keep pH levels in check and adds strength to existing metal structures.

Elastollan®: The Benchmark for Rail System Polyurethanes

When utilized for railway pads, Elastollan® TPU excels in every standard measure of polyurethane performance – its increased elastic memory and hydrolytic stability truly set it apart from competitive products. Available in a range of hardnesses, and in polyester or polyether-based formulations, Elastollan® offers superior compression set, weather and abrasion resistance, load-bearing and damping qualities, and hydrolytic stability. 

Elastotrack®: Support, Stabilization, and Safety

Elastotrack® is a two-component polyurethane system which, when applied to ballast stones, provides superior reinforcement, preventing any shifting or movement that may otherwise result from the dynamic force of passing trains. Any number of ballast reinforcement applications can benefit from Elastotrack®’s support and stabilization, including: high-speed track, bridge transitions, crossings, poor track formations, tunnel reinforcements, curve stabilization and track buckling.

Elasturan®: Increased Strength for High Dynamic Loads

Elasturan® is a damping elastomer for railway fastening systems. It provides noise insulation, increased durability and minimizes railroad maintenance costs. Elasturan® cast elastomers are ideal for harsh environments or products that are subject to high dynamic stress loading. Available in either polyether- or polyester-based systems, Elasturan®’s properties can be tailored to meet the requirements of a particular application, at the same time offering maximum economy.

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