Elastopor®(PU) : Intelligent sandwich technology for efficient insulation, cooling, storage and transportation

Versatile and with low thermal conductivity, Elastopor® is a closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam that makes energy-efficient construction possible.

Important Notice

On 21.03.2023, BASF SE and Systemhouse s.p.r.l. have agreed to settle their pending lawsuit in which BASF claimed infringement of its patent protected adhesion primer technology for PIR sandwich panels protected by European Patent EP 1 516 720 B1. Systemhouse s.p.r.l. has taken a license for the asserted patent familiy and respects BASF's Intellectual Property.

The use of sandwich panels and insulation boards made of Elastopor® and Elastopir® in sandwich technology means an optimum combination of excellent mechanical and physical properties and thermal insulation. Elastopor® is used as the core material of multi-layer construction elements and is used with a diffusion-tight metal cover layer for wall, floor and roof elements in industrial hall, refrigeration and warehouse construction. The metal composite elements are manufactured in continuous (double belt) and discontinuous (press) production. In residential construction, insulating elements with flexible cover layers such as aluminium foil or mineral fleece and a core of Elastopor® are also used. The main areas of application here are pitched and flat roof insulation as well as exterior wall and floor insulation. Elastopor® rigid foam systems are easy to process and guarantee high product quality. The polyurethane insulation products with different laminations and functional layers are an advantage for producers and consumers. As energy-efficient insulation they are an active contribution to climate protection.

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Key Properties of Elastopor®

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High insulation effect even with low material thicknesses
  • Very good bonding with different facing materials
  • Prefabricated panels with Elastopor® permit rapid and straightforward installation
  • Durable and low-emission

Elastopor® Application Range

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Elastopor®!

ROMA Dämmsysteme, Buttenwiesen, Referenzobjekt "Terra Tec", Bludenz-Bings, Österreich

Construction elements with a core of rigid polyurethane foam are ideal for the production of facade or roof elements of industrial buildings. Sandwich elements with Elastopor® core are the insulation material made to measure for modern industrial design.

Elastopor® systems with flexible cover layers such as aluminum foils or mineral fleece are used in residential construction for pitched and flat roofs, exterior walls and floor insulation. Due to their particularly good mechanical properties, they are also suitable for areas with high pressure and weight loads, such as parking decks and green roofs.

In all areas where efficient and dependable cold chains and resource-conserving construction really count, the polyurethane core materials Elastopor® and Elastopir® reveal their peerless advantages. Thanks to their exceptionally low thermal conductivity, they appreciably reduce energy input and emissions as insulation for cold stores and cool rooms. And above all, they ensure a continuous cold chain.

Kühl LKW

The transport of chilled and deep-frozen goods calls for a dependable and high-performance technology. Sandwich panels with a polyurethane core permit excellent mechanical stability and outstanding thermal insulation, completely devoid of thermal bridges. For refrigerated vehicles and containers and for other transport vessels, they help to save energy and ensure a non-disruptive cold chain. An advantage for both: consumers and producers.

With only two materials, you can wrap up the problem of perfectly insulated doors for good.

Roller doors have to be rugged, resist burglary and show long-term durability as well as high thermal insulation. This is why they are insulated nowadays with rigid polyurethane foams. The hot-dip galvanized, double-walled slats achieve results unsurpassed by any other material in terms of strength, noise protection, smooth operation and outstanding thermal insulation.

Garage doors: Thanks to professional thermal insulation with Elastopor® foam in the door, the garage becomes a thermal buffer for the entire house. A further improvement of up to 15 % is achieved by installing a thermal frame that separates the frame from the building structure and ensures additional draft-freedom.

Sectional doors: Modern, vertically opening sectional doors also have a thermally insulating inner layer of polyurethane. This ensures higher strength and offers more safety.

Industrial doors: Well-heated industrial buildings need efficiently insulated doors so that the warmth stays at the workplace and energy loss does not send costs spiraling. Slats reinforced with Elastopor® deliver extra security and take up less space than conventional roller doors.

Foto: Hymer GmbH & Co. KG

The VisionVenture concept vehicle jointly developed by BASF and HYMER is a near-series preview of the future of motorhomes. The concept vehicle sets standards in terms of lightweight construction, self-sufficiency, travel experience and design.

The polyurethane rigid foam Elastopor® is used in several ways: as a construction element in the side walls and for insulating the refrigerator. In VisionVenture, BASF has combined its two innovative high-performance insulating materials SLENTEX® and SLENTITE® for the first time. The solid panel material SLENTITE® is used in refrigerators, door panels, window frame profiles and underfloors. SLENTEX® shows its strengths as highly efficient, safe and space-saving thermal insulation for batteries, engine compartments, ovens and stoves.

More than 20 high-performance plastics and a new coating technology from BASF are used in the concept motorhome and score points with many different properties. BASF and HYMER, for example, are using several novel lightweight materials and processes in the interior and exterior, which provide more comfort and at the same time make the vehicle more robust.

True freedom requires independence – and the VisionVenture makes this possible through intelligent use of materials for energy management, thermal insulation and electrical components.

For air conditioning and ventilation systems, Elastopor® meets the highest standards of hygiene and is insensitive to moisture. A sandwich panel with polyurethane as its core material has an extremely low thermal conductivity – the heat loss via the housing wall is minimal.

Elastopor® Pipeline

Elastopor® products have been used for decades to insulate commercial refrigeration appliances and hot water storage tanks. The use of polyurethane-based rigid foams in these areas is the optimal solution for increasing energy efficiency and productivity. At the same time, the rigid foam ensures the structural strength of the appliances.


High temperature stability, very good insulating properties, long service life and a simple processing method distinguish Elastopor® also in the field of pipe insulation.

In oil and gas pipelines, industrial pipes and in the field of district heating and cooling, the polyurethane rigid foam shows its strengths to the full. BASF offers customized systems for all production technologies.

Better Technology – Better Foam

Many components are crucial for superlative quality in the production of polyurethane sandwich elements. Along with our precision-tuned polyurethane systems BASF also offers solutions in state-of-the art process technologies. The patented rake technology of BASF makes the production of polyurethane sandwich panels more stable and more cost-effective. With its modular design, the patented rake replaces conventional laydown devices and can be adapted precisely to the construction panel being produced.

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Elastopor® Panel production

Elastopor® is able to flow through and adhere to complex shapes and surfaces which provides a freedom of design as well as complete insulation, even in unconventional designs. 

Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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