Footwear Design Contest 2020

50 students of the School of Footwear Design and Technology participated in this years Footwear Design Contest. The Contest was invented to promote students by giving them a contest where they can showcase their work. This year marks the 14th Edition of the Footwear Design Contest. Given a sole developed specifically for the project and produced in collaboration with BASF Italia S.p.A., every participant created a model of innovative footwear.

This year's winner shoes!

This year’s theme of the competition reads “FASHION DESIGN IN THE SIGN OF SUSTAINABILITY”. By usingdifferent styles and shapes there were different ways of interpretating the concept of sustainability in the field of footwear. 


The sole for the footwear was created by the designers Linda Lipari and Paolo Righetto. 

Linda Lipari is a footwear designer, whose work is seen as classic and elegant as well as youthful, casual and sporty according to current trends. 

Paolo Righetto works alongside well-known stylists and luxury brands, helping them elevate their value of their projects to objects of art. 

 Elastollan® Thermoplastic Polyurethane were used for the outsole and for the  two different Polyurethane Systems for the midsole. The different types of polyurethane materials are wellknown for their aesthetic and functionality.

However not only the actual footprint of the footwear is in focus. BASF is constantly optimizing ways to reduce the environmental footprint to a minimum. All materials used in this contest were created on the base of 100% renewable resources. The Design Contests motif “re-create, re-think, re-use, re-newing, re-conquer your world” is easily transferable on the sustainability policy of the BASF. Trough the concept of Reduce – Recycle – Rethink, we are always trying to enlarge our contribution for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Which one is your favorite? Watch all the shoes here!

clean win graffiti_hell.jpg

A clean win!

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