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As a modern and innovative sports company, you’re always looking for better materials to serve both the demands of your active customers and the health of the planet. Bringing products to market that include the latest high-performance features and recyclable materials is important to both your company and the target audience you serve. 


BASF understands these criteria and consistently delivers state-of-the-art, cost-effective materials created to deliver high-performance and sustainability. Meet Infinergy®, Elastollan®, Elastopan®, Ultramid®, Elastopor® and Elastoflex®

Raise the Bar: High Performance Materials for Every Category



BASF is propelling the development of bicycles to a new level of comfort, empowering cyclists to ride with less irritation. New sustainable materials and a groundbreaking design principle redefines ergonomics and dynamics.

Infinergy saddle


Bicycle riders will love the excellent comfort and new standard in dampening and suspension. These features eliminate riders’ two persistent struggles: saddle soreness and back strain. The saddle gives them an ergonomic core, ensuring active back protection with every turn of the wheel. Two shells function in isolation from each other in a sandwich construction, held in a floating arrangement by a high-performance elastomer damper made of Infinergy®.

BASF Solutions 

Infinergy®    Elastofoam®   Elastocoat® C

Design ohne Titel - 1

BASF and Ergon are catching up the recycling race about bicycle saddles!

The SR Allroad Core Circular is completely out of polyurethanes and can be recycled as one. BASF developed a PU foam with thermoplastic properties - so that it can be recycled together with TPU and E-TPU! Get all the information here!

Tread pattern bicycle tires in store


Serious cyclists are looking for tires that are lighter, yet durable and resistant to abrasion. That’s exactly what BASF delivers thanks to a combination of three leading-edge materials: Elastollan®, Elastopan® and Infinergy®. Together they support a truly exceptional cycling experience with minimal weight and increased safety and performance. Bicycles that feature these materials are easier to handle, provide extreme durability and abrasion resistance, and offer cyclists smooth, puncture-free rides.

BASF Solutions 

Infinergy®     Elastollan®  

Winter Sports 

TPU brochure Skiing

Avid skiers are always looking for the next greatest high-performance equipment to give them faster, smoother rides down the mountains. Give them what they want with BASF high-performance materials for skis, snowboards, bindings, and ski boots. 


Skis and Snowboards

Skis and snowboards must deliver both high performance and high style to meet the demands of today’s winter sports enthusiasts. Elastollan® helps you create snowboards that are scratch resistant and provide a brilliant surface for significantly better printing. As a result, they perform better and retain their designs longer. 

BASF Solution 

Elastollan®   Elastolit® 

Winter skis and detailed view of the ski bindings concept in sunny day.


Ski bindings can take a beating on the slopes, but bindings made with BASF’s Elastollan® offer unparalleled low-temperature resistance. Elastollan®, along with Ultramid®, ensure toughness and weatherability. Skiers enjoy an ideal balance ratio between rigidity and flexibility, which helps them get in more ski runs while getting more out of them. Our binding material also supports a wider range of bright colors and better processability. 

BASF Solution 

Elastollan®   Ultramid®


Ski Boots 

Uncomfortable ski boots can ruin a day on the slopes. Skiers will be able to gain more time on the slopes in full comfort thanks to Ultramid® and Elastollan®. These materials deliver an ideal combination of technical performance and price. Thanks to exceptional cold impact resistance, skiers can enjoy temperatures of +20°C/-20°C with no material stiffening. They’ll also enjoy outstanding flexibility in low temperatures and a 33% lighter boot for extra comfort and mobility. 

BASF Solution 

Elastollan®   Ultramid®

Racket Sports 

Top view of young tennis player jumping to hit the ball from the baseline of a hard court. Professional tennis player about to hit the ball for the serve.

Racquetball players will love the performance features of equipment built with innovative Sonic Core technology from Infinergy. They’ll gain the speed, high rebound, strong cushioning, and lightweight features that help them improve their game — and score more wins.

Moving tennis ball being hit by racket in hand of professional player during game

Tennis Rackets 

“Love” will take on new meaning in tennis when players compete with rackets made from Infinergy®. The performance materials raise the standards for rebound, performance and cushioning. Players will gain a 46% increase in rebound height and a 2% increase in off the racket ball speed. Also, the material’s remarkable damping properties reduce vibrations up to 37%. 

BASF Solution 


Golf & Disc Golf 

Golfer action to win after long putting golf ball on the green golf. sunset time.

Golfers are a unique breed of athlete and expect perfection with every swing. It’s easy to deliver what they need with high-performance, sustainable materials for ground golf and disc golf from BASF. 

Golf ball on green grass ready to be struck at golf club,close up in golf coures at Thailand

Golf Ball 

Balanced and durable golf balls made from Elastollan® deliver the performance ground golfers have come to expect, including consistent flight. They’ll enjoy their game like never before on any fairway or greens. 

BASF Solution 

Need Solution 

Asian man golfing on the course. In summer

Golf Club 

Anyone who knows ground golfers knows they are on a nearly constant hunt for the next great golf club. You can deliver the golf club of their dreams with our shock dampening material, Elastollan®. Every swing will deliver greater comfort and a consistent experience.

BASF Solution 


Cute little boy playing frisbee outdoors

Disc Golf 

Disc golfers demand transparent material for aesthetics, dimensional stability for accuracy and changes in the fly curve, as well as durability and abrasion resistance. Give them what they need with Elastollan®

BASF Solution 

Elastollan®    Ultramid®

Camping and Outdoor 

Hands of a man in a Urp plan hold a fishing rod, a fisherman catches fish at dawn. Fishing hobby vacation concept. Copy space

When enjoying the great outdoors, consumers want to experience nature and nature sports in maximum comfort. Our sustainable materials give them the best of both worlds thanks to high-performance materials for coolers, fishing reels and archery targets. 

Friends summer beach party .Group of friends together on the beach having fun.


Outdoor enthusiasts expect two things from their coolers: keep content cold and secure. This means hardy insulation and durability. Our cooler construction material, Elastopor® Rigid Polyurethane Foam, ensures consumers have what they need to keep their food and drinks cool in strong, but lightweight, coolers. 

BASF Solution 

Elastopor®   Autofroth®

Hands of a fisherman with a spinning rod and coil summer morning on the lake.

Fishing Reels

To reel in the big one, anglers of all skill and experience levels depend on a combination of high strength and stiffness in their reels. That’s exactly what our special Ultramid® material delivers. Hallmarks include ultra-lightweight dimensional stability for comfort, and a smooth, flawless surface for a high-end appearance. 

BASF Solution 


A deer practice target for a bow and arrow

Archery Targets 

Hitting the bullseye is the goal of all archery lovers. They’ll experience greater success when their targets are made with our semi-rigid foam system featuring Elastoflex®. They’ll enjoy archery targets with better absorption and impact distribution, as well as elegance. What’s more, the archery targets are highly durable, even in hot and humid environments. 

BASF Solutions 


Protective Gear 


From football body pads to motorbike protective gear, BASF materials ensure players and riders are both protected and comfortable during games or motorbike rides. 

male runner running in knee pads on mountain trail

Body Pads 

Whether using bio-based foam, Elastofoam®, or quick dry (hydrophobic) foam, Elastopan®, you’ll gain all the hallmarks of great body pads. Your customers will enjoy the production of pads with exceptional shock absorption, lighter weight, and washability. 

BASF Solutions 

Elastopan®    Elastofoam®


Football Helmet 

Helmets made with Elastopan® ensure that players are both protected and comfortable on the field. They’ll appreciate the benefits of materials that deliver high-performance, superior protection and moisture absorption.

BASF Solutions 


Fastpitch Softball Catcher showing the softball in glove.  All trademarks and logos have been removed from gear.

Shin Guards

A shin injury can quickly sideline a football player. But athletes will experience fewer injuries thanks to the multiple benefits of shin guards made with a homogeneous foam structure, Elastollan® + king steel foaming technology. As a bonus, the shin guards are made of bio-feedstock, which significantly reduces the consumption of fossil products in production. 

BASF Solutions 



Motorbike Protective Gear 

Motorbike enthusiasts will feel well protected no matter where their journeys take them thanks to gear made with BASF polyurethane. Our materials deliver strength in energy absorbance to protect upon impact and a less than 10% vertical rebound ratio. 

BASF Solutions 


Exercising at Home 


Today’s consumers are working out at home in greater numbers than ever before — and are seeking products that support a healthy work-from-home lifestyle. BASF materials are designed to elevate consumers’ at-home exercising experiences — from the treadmill to the yoga mat. 



Keys to achieving a better exercising experience on a treadmill include maximum resilience and durability with minimal weight. This is exactly what consumers gain with our material, Infinergy®. At-home runners can run longer in comfort, enjoying superior elasticity, shock absorption and high-rebound properties. Damping properties ensure a quieter running experience. 

BASF Solutions 



Yoga Mat 

Yoga enthusiasts will feel centered and exhale more deeply on comfortable mats made with Elastollan®. Our high-melt process improves yoga mat performance and stability, and its strength delivers long-term cushioning, support, and recyclability. 

BASF Solutions 



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