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Functional Coatings – Haptics

Sustainable and innovative materials are already firmly anchored in BASF's portfolio. With our latest technologies NovaCoat-D, NovaCoat-P and NovaFlex valure™, we are expanding this portfolio to include coating technologies for highly flexible substrates from shoe soles to shoe uppers. Even if we were not able to meet you in person this year, we would like to give you an insight into our technologies.

NovaFlex valure™: Transfer-coated shoe uppers with unique optical and haptic properties.

NovaFlex valure™ is a transfer coating technology that can be used to achieve unique optical and haptic properties of shoe uppers thanks to the combination of coating formulation, texturing and substrate. In addition to these properties, a high degree of individualization and design freedom can be created. The aspect of sustainability plays a decisive role as well. With water-based chemistry and the use of sustainable and recyclable substrates, we provide environmentally friendly solutions. 

NovaCoat-D is a very elastic in-mold coating with additional functionalities.

The unique combination of release agent and in-mold coating offers the possibility to optimize process times in manual or fully automated production processes. With its additional functionalities it protects the PU-foam against external impacts like sunlight, scratches and dirt and extends the product lifetime. The coating is available in a vast assortment of colors and effects.

NovaCoat-P is a highly elastic soft touch coating for the coloration of shoe soles.

The sustainable water-based technology is suitable for many types of flexible substrates and can be applied in manual or automated spraying and dipping processes. It offers a broad range of functionalities including anti-dirt, anti-slip, reflection and more. The colors and effects are almost limitless from natural and recycled pigmentation to iridescent or reflective colors.

Take advantage of this knowledge to find new and innovative ways to manufacture your products.

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