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one material, one product

BASF designfabrik® x Universität der Künste Berlin

14 design students. Their task: select one BASF material to design one mono-material product.

The results: as diverse as one can imagine. Think of a swimming vest, a bike basket, a food container, and even a tombstone. Each product entirely made of one BASF material, which facilitates recycling of the product at the end of their lifespan.

See how the students got inspired for their design journey supported by the designfabrik® inside the Creation Center Ludwigshafen:


What is 'one material, one product' about?

Nowadays, many end products are made from a combination of a wide variety of plastics. This usually improves the performance of the product but makes it difficult or impossible to recycle.

Which products that are nowadays usually produced from different plastics could be made from one material? How does the design have to be adapted to still achieve the appropriate performance? Should different plastics be necessary for the production after all: How can the individual elements be separated well later? This is the design journey the students embarked on.

The design students worked with either Ultramid® or Ultrason® or Elastollan®

Andreas_Maegerlein (3).JPG
The students bring in a completely fresh perspective on our BASF materials. Their concepts and prototypes expand our imagination, inspiring our customers of what could be possible in design for recycling.”

Andreas Maegerlein

Leader Creation Center Ludwigshafen

Discover all prototypes:

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