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Cellasto® for reduced NVH in machinery and usage in special applications

Improve the function and effectiveness of your specialized equipment and machinery with Cellasto®. This high-performance microcellular polyurethane elastomer reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), ensuring optimal function of your custom-fabricated equipment such as grinders, polishers or medical devices.

Due to its unique properties — high compression and load capability, low compression set, and low lateral expansion — this versatile material can be used in countless applications, even those with challenging specifications and limited installation spaces.

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What are special applications?

Some innovations are too unique to fit into a category, which is why Cellasto® dynamic microcellular properties make it the perfect solution for those unusual applications and specifications. If you have a need that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else or you’re doing something different, consider Cellasto®.

Ways to use Cellasto® in machinery and special applications

Use Cellasto® in machinery for NVH reduction and in special applications for its versatility. Here are a few areas in which this high-performance material has become the solution to unique challenges.

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Grinding and polishing

The outstanding qualities of Cellasto® make it an ideal material for improving performance in grinding and polishing machines. The combination of high compressibility with fast rebound elasticity of Cellasto® allows for a perfect contour adaption, providing a significant improvement over conventional materials. Combined with its superior vibration isolation, this material notably reduces operator fatigue.


Customized machinery

Add Cellasto® to your customized machinery to isolate vibrations, dampen noise, and reduce unwanted movement. Improve operator experience and reduce maintenance by utilizing its high compression tolerance, superior resilience, and outstanding wear resistance in a wide array of NVH applications.

From small sports planes to specialized lifting systems such as cranes, Cellasto® is the solution.

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Other special applications

Cellasto® is the solution to unique problems in building construction and repairs. To achieve noise control in multi-family homes, use this high-performance material to isolate flooring systems and decouple stairs.

Regardless of your product’s unique characteristics or challenging specifications, don’t be afraid to ask. We can help you find the solution.

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Creative & customized solutions for unique or challenging applications

Companies that need a dynamic, high-performance material to meet the demands of their unique challenges, designs and product specifications are utilizing Cellasto®, the insider's secret for innovative designs.

The versatility of Cellasto® allows you to use your creativity to its potential. As co-creators, we’ll help you create custom solutions that fit your product specifications.

Our experts at BASF will help you design, test and continuously update your innovations as your products evolve so you can deliver the high-quality, safe products that your customers demand and deserve.

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