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Cellasto® spring elements for improved NVH

Life can be rough from time to time, but your products shouldn’t be. By today’s standards, it’s no longer sufficient to have a highly effective product — it must also add comfort by reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). That’s why innovators around the world are adding Cellasto® to spring elements in a wide variety of products, ranging from home appliances to commercial equipment. 


What is a spring element?

On their own, springs absorb shock impacts, protecting both the equipment and the user. As an added element, Cellasto® provides another layer of protection and added comfort by further reducing NVH - a quality that is increasing in demand.

As a result, when you utilize Cellasto® within spring elements for automobiles, agricultural equipment, office furniture, home appliances and power tools, your team will gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

See Cellasto® spring elements in action

Ways to use Cellasto® spring elements 

To maximize NVH reduction, your team can add Cellasto® to an existing spring or create an entire spring out of this product. Here are a few areas in which Cellasto® has become the insider’s secret to higher quality solutions:  

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Creative & customized solutions for a variety of applications

Companies that stand out and that will continue to grow in the future are utilizing Cellasto®, the insider's secret for reducing NVH. The versatility of Cellasto® allows you to use your creativity to its potential. As co-creators, we’ll help you create custom solutions that fit your product specifications. 

Our experts at BASF will help you design, test and continuously update your innovations as your products evolve so you can deliver the high-quality, safe products that your customers demand and deserve.

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