Performance Polymers
Performance Polymers

At the mercy of the elements – Or protected by Elastocoast®

Elastocoast® is a novel, intelligent polyurethane system. It is a two-component binder for revetments in coastal areas and stabilization of river banks. It is so open-pored that it deprives wave run-up of its destructive energy, thus demonstrating its strength to make shorelines and river beds substantially saver.


The Advantages of Elastocoast® for Coastal Protection and River Bank Stabilization

  • Makes coasts safer
  • Porous and water-permeable
  • Reduces the cost of construction and maintenance
  • Absorbs the energy of impacting waves
  • Environmentally sound
  • Strong and with a long track record

A single good idea often makes the difference between disaster and safety

Coastal and flood protection with an intelligent PU system

Experts predict that the sea level may rise by up to 50 centimeters in the coming years as a result of global warming. Of course, no scientist can foresee when and how this rise will actually occur – or the ultimate consequences.

But it does highlight the obvious need to intensify coastal protection and flood prevention activities and particularly to raise the dikes. However, in view of the financial investment involved and for practical reasons such as lack of space, raising the dikes is rarely or not at all feasible.

Another dangerous scenario is dike overtopping, since subsequent erosion on the land side inevitably results in complete dike failure. This is where Elastocoast® opens up a totally new dimension in coastal protection.

Rock-solid with Elastocoast®

Revetments of Elastocoast® are a new, extremely effective coastal protection system. They consist of aggregate (crushed rock) mechanically bonded with an environmentally compatible 2-component polyurethane plastic.

This mixture is applied to previously prepared dikes, walls, breakwaters and other sea- and freshwater shorelines. The outcome is a highly durable, strong and hence secure bulwark against the waves and flooding.

Elastocoast® makes existing dikes safer without their having to be continually raised. Instead, an open-pored wearing course prevents wave impact energy from attacking and destroying their surface.

The surface protected with Elastocoast® creates a higher standard of safety by significantly reducing wave run-up with its open, energy-absorbing structure. The wave energy is distributed over a larger area, thus diminishing local concentrations of surface pressure. The revetment as a whole is subjected to less stressing. This way, older dikes can be made safer, even when they are completely overtopped.

And even if higher standards of coastal protection are called for as a result of long-term climate change and rising sea levels.

The PU system can be used for trouble-free repairs to older dikes, as Elastocoast® can be applied straight onto the existing revetment – without elaborate pretreatment and with much less manpower.

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