Performance Polymers
Performance Polymers

Elastocool® boosts your productivity

Elastocool® is a pentane-based polyurethane rigid foam system for insulating refrigerators and freezers. Elastocool® offers maximum productivity coupled with extremely low material consumption and delivers improved energy efficiency.

Product properties and benefits at a glance

  • Significantly reduced post expansion leads to faster demold cycles
  • Capacity increase of existing foaming equipment without investment
  • Improved energy efficiency derived from better thermal insulation properties and potential increase of wall thickness without compromise in productivity
  • Lower material consumption due to high structural stability
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Improved sustainability according to life cycle assessment
Elastocool<sup>®</sup> Fridge

Elastocool® Advanced ‒ The Best-selling PU Rigid Foam in the Refrigerator Appliance Industry

Reduced Energy Consumption for Your Customers...  

Elastocool® Advanced delivers higher levels of energy efficiency with insulating properties that have been improved yet again. The low thermal conductivities help to reduce energy consumption and thus make it possible to boost the energy efficiencies of the appliances.

…Increased Productivity for You

Elastocool® Advanced was developed specifically to increase the productivity of manufacturing refrigerator appliances. The considerably reduced demolding times enable significantly higher numbers of units, which helps to reduce the overall costs. Moreover, this produces a greater degree of flexibility. The increased compressive strengths make it possible to reduce the level of material consumption. This provides further evidence that our PU systems help you to reduce costs and boost energy efficiencies at the same time.

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