Performance Polymers

Empowering workers to move like athletes

With well-cushioned feet, it's easier to go the extra mile. Infinergy® can be used as a wear-resistant midsole in safety and occupational shoes, providing athlete-approved energy return while readily absorbing the impact of heavy loads. Infinergy®'s comfort compression technology also helps reduce fatigue for reliable all-day wear.

Core Benefits 


Voran SportSafe, the new safety shoe series by Maincal enables safety footwear users to move and work in comfort with all day compression technology. Infinergy® enhances the Voran SportSafe with superior responsiveness, comfort and durability. 

The Infinergy range are especially designed for workers that are on their feet all day, either standing or walking long distances, including warehouse workers, postal sorting centre staff, medical personnel, hospitality staff and retail industry workers.


The material is first used in the "Wellmaxx" range of safety shoes produced by the well-known innovative manufacturer ELTEN. "No midsole has so far produced greater energy return. In practice, the new cushioning technology makes life easier for all members of staff whose job involves a lot of running – a major factor in some sectors because it means a significant improvement in preventing fatigue and joint problems“, confirms Stefan Tintrup, orthopedic shoemaker and leading expert in shoe technology at the North Rhine safety shoe manufacturer Elten. People taking part in the wear test were very enthusiastic about the unique suspension and absorption properties of the shoes.


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