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Ultradur® for Fiber Optical Cables (FOC) 

Connectivity is key! Almost all industries require fast and efficient data transmission. The strong growth in fields like cloud services, internet of things and digital infrastructures all have one requirement in common: A high bandwidth and fast transmission rates.

Fiber optical cables are the solution to this development.


More Space = More Fibers

With FOC buffer tubes it’s all about thin walls and high productivity. BASF is offering an innovative Ultradur® portfolio to fulfill the specific requirements of the market: Ultradur® B 6560 LN for high productivity, Ultradur® B 6550 LNX for very thin diameters, Ultradur® B 6551 LNI R01 for dry tubes and our flame retardant Ultradur® B 4440. Our excellent mechanical and processing properties are widely acknowledged in the market and by our satisfied customers.

With FOC buffer tubes it's all about thin walls and high line speeds. Thanks to our unique formulation the material has excellent feeding behavior, fast crystallization and a higher stiffness allowing very fast extrusion.

Advantages of Ultradur® B 6550 LN

  • High melt stability for easy processing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion 
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Dimensionally stable
  • High stiffness and hardness

To address the trend of miniaturization we offer an innovative solution. Our Ultradur® B 6550 LNX R01 is further optimized to realize very thin diameters while maintaining excellent product properties even at high line speed. 

Advantages of Ultradur® B 6550 LNX R01

  • Specifically developed for FOC microtubes of ≤ 1.4 mm diameters
  • Improved mechanical properties at low wall thicknesses
  • High molecular weight and high viscosity
  • Excellent feeding behavior and processability with high melt stability 

Compared to jelly-filled tubes, dry tubes have different requirements. Our Ultradur® B 6551 LNI R01 is optimized to fulfill those needs with an improved hydrolysis resistance, very high melt strength while avoiding unwanted adhesion of the fiber to the tube.  

Advantages of Ultradur® B 6551 LNI R01

  • Improved hydrolysis resistance
  • No adhesion between fiber and melt 
  • High toughness of loose buffer tubes 
  • Easy processing with existing equipment

The rapidly growing field of digital infrastructures also requires greater fire safety. Especially public buildings face more and more regulation (e.g. the Construction Products Regulation, CPR). Our halogen-free flame retardant Ultradur® B 4440 has excellent mechanical performance and is easy to process. 

Advantages of Ultradur® B 4440 

  • Excellent flame retardancy free of halogen and antimony 
  • Very good melt strength 
  • No adhesion between fiber and melt 
  • High toughness of loose buffer tubes 
  • Easy processing with existing equipment
  • Very low formation of die drool 

Watch our virtual session – Ultradur® B 4440 sets new standards in flammability

Customers rely on BASF because Ultradur® (PBT) simply outperforms any other product out there.

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