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The Surface Polyamide Ultramid® SI (PA) – The Entire Beauty of Plastics

Aesthetics, stability and a lot of design possibilities for surfaces: there are many reasons why the furniture industry and in particular chair manufacturers are turning to plastic as their material of choice. It is now possible to combine the look and mechanics of visible components in a way that has never been seen before.


Ultramid® SI (SI=surface improved) is the surface polyamide that combines the mechanical benefits of polyamide with a sophisticated surface look:

  • High-quality surface look and feel
  • Stable because of polyamide as polymer
  • Tailor-made UV resistance
  • Flame-retardant grades available
  • Virtually unlimited choice of colors with masterbatches from BASF Color Solutions
  • Advice in the BASF Creation Centers
  • CAE part design with BASF's Ultrasim®

Ultramid® SI – Aesthetics and mechanics are no contradiction any longer

The Ultramid® SI family gives furniture and chair designers a lot of options when it comes to the development and production of high-quality design furniture. All four Ultramid® SI grades are also noted for having a special function, e.g. flame retardance.

BASF has many decades of experience working with plastics for design chairs and seating furniture. This work with prestigious designers and furniture manufacturers has found its way into the development of Ultramid SI. Examples of projects that have received high attention:

  • Design chair MYTO
  • Design chair Vegetal
  • Chair uni_verso



Ultramid® SI – The Surface Polyamide for a Lot of Applications

Ultramid® SI can be used as a material for almost all visible chair components:

  • fixing elements
  • castors & wheels
  • back frames
  • seat shells
  • mechanisms
  • chair bases

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