Elastoskin® – premium surfaces

Luxurious look and exquisite feel play an important role in automotive interiors. Elastoskin® offers more precise control over the material surface so you can recreate almost any texture, seam pattern or color scheme that you can imagine. The material cost, per-part efficiencies and pour-inplace process that integrates the skin with the cushion support, are also more superior than alternative materials.

Doorpanel, Elastoskin

A stunning appearance

The special advantage of the Elastoskin® sprayed skin is its convincing feel. Both its touch and its performance withstand the strictest criteria and provides a soft and pleasant surface covering. It’s also extremely durable, waterproof, stays soft over a long time period and convinces with high temperature resistance.


Maximum design freedom

Elastoskin® is flexible enough to create any design by adding a virtually endless array of textures, grains, colors and seams. Also possible are colour shading, a matt surface and scope for integrating further components in the spraying process. It can be widely used for door and instrument panels, steering wheels, trunk floor overmoldings and nearly all other interior surfaces.

Efficient production

Elastoskin® materials are created in one mold, with no secondary processes. That means shorter cycle times, excellent cost competitiveness, reduced labor costs and improved productivity. Labels or appliqués can also be applied in mold; further reducing cycle times.


Low emission

The spraying process using an aromatic PU system clearly produces lower emissions than comparable procedures. And with a low emission grades of polyol and isocyanate, we aimed to enhance raw material quality to help automotive manufacturers meet stringent government regulations and industry standards.


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