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Your eMobility ambitions begin with BASF, the world’s #1 chemical supplier for the automotive industry. Backed by our decades of engineering expertise and built with superior eMobility Performance Materials, your applications will meet the highest standards for safety, durability, and mechanical achievement. Enjoy the freedom to design trend-setting eMobility innovations as we partner with you to drive a truly sustainable future.

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What is eMobility?

eMobility is yielding innovations in the automotive industry that seek to make our lives more sustainable. The transition to electro-mobility has several advantages, including lowering global carbon emissions, reducing the total cost of ownership of vehicles, and transforming the transportation experience. The objective of our customers is to use future-proof technologies and solutions to make electromobility safe and efficient. 

BASF: Your strategic partner in eMobility applications

When you rely on BASF’s broad portfolio of Performance Materials for your eMobility applications, you’ll gain the advantage of a unique co-creation partnership. From expert design and engineering support, to material selection, to simulation and testing, to serial development, you’ll be able to create new trends backed by BASF’s deep insight within the automotive value chain. And global consistency ensures you meet your production targets and market expectations

Battery components

Highly efficient battery systems are key to the success of electromobility. Individual components need to meet high-performance standards during normal driving and in the event of damage or accidents, which means that any material used needs to be carefully assessed

 by its flame retardancy, electric isolation, thermal conductivity and cooling compatibility. With our Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, Elastollan®, and Elastolit® family of products we can help to make your ambitions for high performance battery components reality. 

Charging infrastructure 

Charging infrastructure components for eMobility must exhibit excellent mechanical performance at elevated temperatures and high dimensional stability, to endure demanding conditions while offering safety and long-lasting durability for colour, surface finish, and UV stability. 

With our Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur® and Elastollan® family of products your charging infrastructure components will stand the test of time and meet the most ambitious requirements. 

Connectors, cables & cable management

Where electricity flows, plastics have to show excellent electrical isolation, outstanding flame retardancy and hydrolysis resistance while meeting the relevant IEC standard. For sealed connectors the compatibility to LSR is of high importance. 

Are you looking for extrudable products or colourability in durable orange? All to be found within our product range consisting of Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur® and Elastollan®.

Thermal management

Thermal management is crucial for electric engines. Components like water pumps, heaters, fittings as well as pipes benefit from the excellent media resistance, the leak tightness and compatibility with many coolants of BASFs’ polyamide Ultramid® 

and the products in the polyphthalamide portfolio of Ultramid® Advanced. With these high-performance materials, laser welding is also possible.

Electric motor

The electric motor is the heart of any e-vehicle. Motor housing and motor mounts as well as intricate components like stator/rotor, rotor end caps, bus ring and connector supports can work reliably thanks to BASF’s engineering plastics Ultramid® Advanced (PPA), Ultrason® (PESU)

 and the long-glass fiber reinforced Ultramid® Structure. They are characterized by high temperature and media resistance, excellent strength and electric compatibility – and all are available as flame retardant grades.


Electric powertrain

From high voltage housing for power electronics, to fuse boxes, connectors and inlets, flame retardancy, electric isolation, heat aging and orange colourability are key criteria for any material consideration. Whether you are looking for solutions for fuel cell, battery powered or hybrid vehicles, 

BASF's Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur® and Elastollan® familiy of products will move your electric powertrains forward. All are available as flame retardant grades, among them non-halogenated flame-retardants.

Noise, vibration and harshness 

NVH translates into how the end-user experiences your product and judges its quality. They know it when they see it, hear it and feel it. Consider BASF’s Cellasto®, Basotect®, Elastoflex® 

and/or Elastollan® for high frequency decoupling and noise isolation/insulation to help you meet the increasing demand on vehicle dynamics.

eMobility performance materials


Technical properties and high functionality make BASF’s portfolio of eMobility performance materials the ideal ingredients for your most versatile, sophisticated designs. Consider the high performing Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, Ultraform® Ultrason® as well as Elastollan® and Cellasto®.  

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