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Highlight: Basotect® for ideal sound absorption and design in offices, restaurants and meeting rooms

Basotect® ensures optimal room acoustics: Particularly in noisy rooms like large offices or call centers, it is important to pay special attention to noise absorption. Disruptive noise can make it difficult for employees to concentrate. And when walls, ceilings, and floors are also hard surfaces that reflect sound, the resulting high noise level can make it impossible for people to work efficiently.

The same is true for restaurants: A pleasant and engaging atmosphere is of key importance here. Noise has a negative impact on how guests feel, which is why sound insulation requires particular attention. The challenge is to find the right material to meet the perfect design.

Basotect® can meet all these demands for sound absorption in offices and restaurants: It is versatile, flame-retardant and light weight – and it can fit in with any architectural features, whether used as ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, wall-mounted absorbers, or room dividers.

Here are some examples of offices, restaurants and meeting venues that reduced noise successfully with Basotect®

To get the full picture, read our extensive brochure on „Room Acoustics and Design“ with Basotect®:

Basotect® WAVE Acoustics Modules

WAVE acoustic modules made of Basotect®, Späh, D



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