Infinergy®  in the "Boost" from adidas

The German sports equipment manufacturer adidas uses Infinergy® in its innovative “Energy Boost” running shoe. As the material used in the midsole, Infinergy® makes the shoe comfortable to wear and delivers excellent running properties. The sole springs back into its original shape immediately after impact: thanks to this high rebound effect resulting from the resilience of the material, runners use up less energy than they did before.

As Infinergy® withstands temperatures of between -20°C (-4°F) and over +40°C (+104°F) without changing its functional properties, the adidas shoe can be used at any temperature - whether in winter or in summer.

Another advantage highlighted by the shoe manufacturer is the great long-term durability of the material which, just like the other properties, is significantly better than that of conventional midsole materials.

BASF foam Infinergy revolutionizes adidas running shoes

Small beads for long distances 

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