Empowering tennis players to get more from their game 

When used in tennis rackets, Infinergy® produces greater rebound, faster ball speeds, and a smoother swing. Its vibration damping membrane also enhances wrist stability for players, lowering the risk of injury even with a more powerful game.

Core Benefits

DunlopCX SeriesFamily.jpg
Infinergy® is located at the two and ten o’clock areas of the racket

In its new CX Series tennis rackets, Dunlop's upgraded Sonic Core technology employs Infinergy® to provide increased rebound height and ball speed vs. Dunlop’s original Sonic Core while reducing vibrations throughits damping properties.

The addition of Infinergy® located at the two and ten o’clock areas of the rackethas helped contribute to designing the CX Series forplayers focused on strong cushioning, high rebound, speed and lightweight performance.


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