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Discontinuous Blocks - higher versatility out of the box

High versatility with low complexity? This is no longer a contradiction with our Elastoflex® W and CosyPUR® systems for discontinuous block technology. Think out of the box – produce in the box!



Portfolio of disconti block systems

CosyPUR® / Elastoflex® W

Breathable and temperature sensitive viscoelastic foams:

  • CosyPUR® 5246/106
  • CosyPUR® 5246/107

Closed cell viscoelastic foams:

  • CosyPUR® 5236/106
  • CosyPUR® 5236/112

Supersoft foams:

  • CosyPUR® 5286/104

High resilience flexible foams:

  • Elastoflex® W 5916/107, 35 kg/m³
  • Elastoflex® W 5916/104, 45 kg/m³
  • Elastoflex® W 5916/105, 60 kg/m³

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