Performance Polymers


Instruments and accessories for the use in diagnostics require materials - like BASF’s medical grades Ultradur® PRO and  Ultraform® PRO - that can meet very different requirements from sterilization and chemical resistance to outstanding resilience and tribological properties.

Embedding / Biopsy cassette 


  • Ultraform® PRO (POM)
Embedding cassette while the sample process In the biopsy laboratory.


  • Base & lid


  • High Density
    → specimens will be kept safely submerged in solution
  • Chemical resistance
    → chemical action of histological solvents
  • Resilience & tribological properties
     → Lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss
  • Moldability of slots
     → offering maximum flow through for good fluid exchange and proper drainage



  • Ultradur® PRO (PBT)
Air relief valve Ultraform PRO in diagnostics and laboratory


  • Air relief valve


  • Air Relief Valve over molded using LSR Silpuran 6700 (Wacker)
  • Hot Steam Sterilisation using 134°C with 25 cycles 

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