Performance Polymers

Environmental Sustainability

At Chinaplas 2021, BASF will demonstrate how it supports customers to develop innovative solutions that also meet the needs of society and the environment.

We are proud to unveil the next generation materials that enable environmental sustainability!


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Certified compostable flexible packaging film and flexible packaging bag

Biodegradableflexibl packagingfilmandflexiblepackagingbag.jpg

The materials used for certified biodegradable flexible packaging film and flexible packaging bags are ecovio® F2331 and ecovio® T2308. The technical properties of the industrially compostable food packaging film fulfill industry requirements. It can help China to establish a cicular economy in food package industry. Barrier properties (watervapour and oxygen) are also made possible.


Certified compostable coffee capsules


Our ecovio® used in coffee capsules is partly bio-based, certified compostable and suitable for food contact. It is usable on conventional injection molding machines and runs on single- and multi-purpose tools.

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RO membrane


An ultra-low pressure Thin Film Composite membrane element newly developed by Vontron Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. It can work under ultra-low pressure to reach as high permeate flow and rejection same as regular low-pressure membrane elements, and is applicable to desalination of surface water and underground water.

It is a preferred choice for single use membranes or for Thin Film Composite (TFC) membranes.

The material used is Ultrason® S6010 which offers excellent chemical resistance and process stability as well as good pore size control in the membrane production due to its high purity. The material provides good solubility in solvents used in the production of membranes while meeting the accepted standard for membrane applications. It is not only NSF and FDA approved, but also has good mechanical strength and high Mw polymer for RO substrate.