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At Chinaplas 2021, BASF will demonstrate how it supports customers to develop innovative solutions that also meet the needs of society and the environment.

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"Muscle Suit® Every" by INNOPHYS CO., LTD

“Muscle Suit® Every” by INNOPHYS CO., LTD is a lightweight exoskeleton suit made with BASF’s Ultramid® polyamide. Exoskeleton suits provide support and protection for workers in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and nursing care. Worldwide, more than 540 million people are suffering from back pain.


Ultramid®  and Polyamide (PA) enable benefits such as lightweight which leads to a reduction of weight in the exoskeleton suit, which not only improves the user experience, but also eases strain on users. Another material benefit is the cost efficiency which helps achieve cost targets with injection molding processes, multiple components redesigned into a single component and a simplified assembly process with an optimization of production costs. Additionally, BASF's high-performance material solution Ultramid® is recyclable and with that environmentally friendly.

Keep K2 treadmill

Zody chair by Haworth
BASFのUltramid(R) Advancedを使用したG-SHOCK.jpg
CASIO G-Shock (Ultramid® Advanced N)

Timberland PRO Reaxion safety shoe

Timberland PRO safety shoes featuring Elastollan TPU and Elastopan PU from BASF

BASF’s polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are key components powering the latest innovation for industrial workers in the new Timberland PRO® Reaxion safety shoe. The Reaxion safety shoe features Timberland’s proprietary Aerocore energy system, fusing together the comfort and flexibility of an athletic shoe with the performance and durability of a work boot. The materials used are Elastollan® TPU and Elastopan® high-rebound PU foam. The Elastollan® TPU is featured in the outsole because of its excellent anti-abrasion and traction performance. Elastopan® high-rebound PU foam is used in the midsole and insole to offer all-day support and comfort.



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Interaktive Zonen im Footwear Innovation Center
Footwear Innovation Center
Daiwa school ware

Milk and water bottle 

The material used in the milk and water bottle is Ultrason® P 3010.  The benefits of Ultrason® P 3010 are its water and food contact approval with no odour. Additionally, it has a high temperature resistance (up to 200 °C), high impact resistance and excellent resistance to hydrolysis and superheated steam (134°C). Last but not least, it is also transparent.
Colourful Wire set for assembling electrical appliances
Appliance connector

Dunlop racket with Infinergy® inside

Die neue CX-Serie von Dunlop mit Komponenten aus Infinergy® (E-TPU) von BASF wurde für moderne Tennisspieler wie Kevin Anderson entwickelt, deren Spieltechnik ein Maximum an Power, Kontrolle und Spin erfordert.Designed for modern day tennis players in mind like Kevin Anderson, BASF’s Infinergy® (E-TPU) used in the new CX series by Dunlop provides them with increased power, control and spin.

The Dunlop research team used Infinergy® for the development of the Sonic Core technology in their CX range of rackets. Designed for the tennis player looking for strong cushioning, high rebound, speed, and lightweight performance, the Sonic Core is built with intuitive design and technology principles unmatched in the industry. The material being used is Infinergy® - the world’s leading high-performance responsive material. Benefits of Infinergy® include the high standards in cushioning, rebound and performance as well as the 46% increase in rebound height vs. Dunlop’s original Sonic Core material resulting in 2% faster ball speed off the racket. Infinergy material also has impressive damping properties and reduces vibrations up to 37% vs. a standard carbon fiber racket.

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