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Voran SportSafe safety shoe by Maincal


Maincal, the leading Argentine footwear brand, partners with BASF to launch the first safety shoe in South America made with Infinergy®, Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (E-TPU). Voran SportSafe, the new safety shoe series by Maincal enables safety footwear users to move and work in comfort with all day compression technology. Elastopan® is also used in the Ultragrip sole technology, which provides greater adhesion and resistance to sliding on the most demanding surfaces. The material benefits of Infinergy® include +55% rebound in each step and Elastopan® endures +3% grip on the most demanding surfaces and hyper light midsole with maximum comfort.


Terminal block

The material used for terminal blocks is Ultramid® PA66. It ensures not only good processing, but also meets the standards of RTI 105°C at 0.4mm and CTI Class 0. Additionally, it is a halogen and Red-P free flame-retardant PA66 or PPA 0.4mm V0.

TPU household floor


TPU household floor is a new generation of green environmental protection building decoration materials to meet the needs of green and green decoration. It could be used in homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, shops, stadiums and other places, and has become a new trend in the decorative material industry.

The material used here is Elastollan® TPU. It ensures high material performance by having an outstanding hydrolysis resistance and excellent resistance to micro-organisms as well as being flexible and having good resistance to low temperatures. This high performance can be achieved while still being cost efficient as it is easy to process at a stable material quality and ensures production stability to optimize the production costs. Further material benefits are good scratch resistance on film surface, environmental friendliness compared to conventional solutions and a double layer film solution which results in excellent bonding between the film and PVC floor surfaces.

Autonomous wireless charger MobiPower


The autonomous wireless charger is a co-creation by ZMP, B&Plus and BASF, highlighting the use of BASF’s innovative and high-performance material solutions and competences in enabling manufacturers to market need for charging-on-demand and wireless charging. The advantages of the metal replacement are the lighter weight autonomous charger that consumes less energy, the improved costs and processing. The freedom of design due to its moldability and colorability as well as the added optimized properties such as better UV, weather durability and insulation make this a very special co-creation. Our advanced plastics also provide innovative and high-performance solutions and help improve the shelf life of the charger.