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CosyPUR® in "The White Willow" pillows

Special initiative by TWW partnered with BASF to bring good night sleep to the girls at Udayan Care Ghars through The White Willow pillows.

Material CosyPUR for White Willow Pillows

The White Willow, proudly partners with BASF, to lead a special initiative, where they will be donating 100 pillows to the girls at Udayan Care Ghars.  A good night's sleep is one of life's simplest and greatest pleasures, and we will be bringing it one step closer through the comfort of our pillows.

“We believe that everybody deserves a good night sleep,” says Meghna A. Jain, Co-founder of The White Willow. “Everyone needs a pillow, and a good pillow, with the right science and comfort, can help create good conditions needed for proper sleep.” 

Udayan Care has spread its work for disadvantaged groups during the last 25 years by establishing more family homes, helping girls' education, providing vocational training etc. To date, Udayan Care has nurtured over 25,000 young minds. Our active involvement with Udayan Shalini fellowship led by Udayan care in supporting girl child education and higher learning made us realise how our pillows could help the girls at these Ghars, sleep better and make their strenuous journeys more comfortable and easy, adds Meghna. Founded five years ago in India, The White Willow began with 4 pillows and today, they have the largest portfolio of 70 different pillows, sold across the world. 

CosyPUR® memory foam, manufactured by BASF, has played a key role in the success and quality of the White Willow pillows. The open cell viscoelastic foam in CosyPUR® creates unparalleled support, and allows the air to circulate, thus increasing the comfort levels to a maximum with a cooler micro-climate when used in pillows, mattresses and other products. “Memory foam has brought a remarkable improvement, when it comes to the quality and performance of a pillow. CosyPUR® was our preferred choice,” shares Meghna. We understood that The White Willow wanted to change the expected standard of levels of pillow comfort for Indian consumers,and provide affordable but superior quality. CosyPUR® was the obvious choice and perfect marriage of quality, authenticity and affordability,” says Prachi Jha of BASF’s Performance Materials Consumer Sales, Asia Pacific.

“Memory foam has brought a remarkable improvement, when it comes to the quality and performance of a pillow. CosyPUR® was our preferred choice"

Meghna A. Jain, Co-founder of The White Willow

“As a partner, we have seen TWW's genuine commitment to making good sleep more accessible for everyone, and their commitment to creating wider social good as well adds Prachi Jha. The White Willow, in its operation of five years, vouches for nothing less than superior quality. For an enhanced and secured sleeping experience, they also offer 101 days trial period on all bed pillows and 30 days on other pillows (valid only on website orders). Thus, our original plan to create high quality and affordable pillows has worked, with CosyPUR® being an integral part of our success. Today, it brings us a lot of satisfaction to know that we are making a significant difference in people's lives and helping them sleep better. We hope our pillows will bring bigger smiles and improve the lives of Udayan Care girls through our humble gift of a good night sleep.


If you would like to join The White Willow and CosyPUR® in supporting the education of girls from Udayan Shalini fellowship, please visit their website:

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