Performance Polymers

Electric concept car

BASF Creation Center presents the electric car(s) of the future

BASF introduced with this project more than 20 innovative material solutions for future electronic cars that offer better safety, interior air quality, and design. The three concept cars are not only energy efficient but also comfortable and stylish through highly-customizable designs. The cars are designed by GAC R&D Center, with advanced prototyping support from the BASF Creation Center.

The BASF materials throughout the vehicle have been designed to minimize or eliminate emissions volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and avoid organic solvents. At the same time, new BASF technologies installed in the car can actively remove interior pollutants to improve air quality.

From inspiration to solution in one place - watch the full story about the co-creation of the concept cars

Car sharing and electrification are highly important developments in the world’s largest auto market. Additionally, the needs and individual style preferences of Chinese drivers have become more diverse due to an increasing number of female drivers and senior drivers. BASF’s innovative materials enable flexible design and extended functionalities that best serve the different styles in our concept vehicles.

Zhang Fan

Vice President, GAC R&D Center