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Ren Chair, the wheelchair of the future

The wheelchair of the future.

Material innovations, combined with the availability of advanced design systems, are creating new possibilities for wheelchair users and caregivers to enjoy more freedom and versatility. 

Ren Chair
BASF provides us with great solutions to realize our vision of reducing the weight of wheelchairs without compromising on design and functionality.

Dong Ok Kum

Chief Executive Officer, Wheel-Line Co., Ltd.

BASF’s material solutions, coupled with its technical and simulation technologies enabled the design and functionality of the Ren Chair

Jae Sung Go

Chief Executive Officer, REHTO Design

The Ren chair’s design was facilitated by the  BASF Creation Center, our new dedicated touch-point for engaging and inspiring designers, bringing their design concept to reality with material innovations from BASF. Together with Wheel-Line Co., Ltd and RHETO Design we co-created a prototype with a new look, feel and experience for wheelchair users who strive for greater independence in their daily living.