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Elastan® (PU): 

High-quality and ultra versatile adhesive solutions 

Elastan® is a MDI-based binder/adhesive in the form of one or two component systems for various applications and substrates. BASF offers a complete portfolio of adhesives for sandwich panels, outdoor flooring binder solutions, woodfibre insulation panels and as adhesion promoter.

The best solutions result from dialogue and cooperation. That is why BASF is always close to the markets and customers worldwide, creating products which exactly meet their individual requirements. In this well proven way we have also developed and expanded our portfolio of binders and adhesives applicable for various application areas.


Key Advantages of Elastan®

  • Offered as filled and unfilled 2-component- or 1-component systems
  • Cover all common methods of application: spraying, rake, wiping, high pressure/low pressure and manual
  • Adjusted for continuous and discontinuous production
  • Excellent bonding properties

Elastan® for PU and mineral wool sandwich panels


Everything from one source: BASF offers a complete portfolio of Elastan® adhesives for construction elements. Our adhesives are ideally suited for a wide range of different core and facing materials such as PU foam, mineral wool, glass wool, EPS (expanded polystyrol) as well as metal and fiberglass-reinforced polyester. All other core materials can be tailored to the respective requirements.

The Elastan® adhesive systems for mineral wool or glass wool are offered as filled and unfilled 2-component or 1-component systems. For PU systems BASF offers unfilled systems. 

Elastan as adhesion promoter for PIR systems


The Elastan® adhesion promoter for Elastopir® systems is used in the production process to improve the quality of sandwich panels with metal facings.

Our 2-component adhesion promotor type Elastan® 6541 ensures:

  • Excellent properties to overcome adhesion problems when manufacturing PIR insulation panels with metal facings
  • Best possible bonding of metal facings to a PIR core and ensures best performance of the sandwich panels even at different environmental temperatures
  • Easy application with different technologies (rotating disc, spray, jetstream, poker)


Optimized, efficient production technologies for best product quality

BASF adhesives can be used with all common process technologies. We offer highly advanced products and a complete portfolio for customers to choose the most efficient material combination running on the most suitable technology.

The rotating disc is an exclusive BASF development that represents real added value for all customers. The rotating disc guarantees an ideal material distribution of the polyurethane binder Elastan® during production, because an optimised geometry allows the polyurethane binder to be distributed particularly evenly over the entire width of the cover layer material. 

In addition, the technology is aerosol-free, enables efficient material use and causes less dirt.



Elastopir® rotating disc

Our systems are currently compatible with the jetstream technology. Using this technology a targeted application jet applies the Elastan® adhesive to the facing material in an oscillating process.


Mainly used for filled systems, this technique is also suitable for specific unfilled systems. An oscillating rake or poker ensures even application of the Elastan® adhesive over the entire width of the mineral wool panels. 


Elastan® binders for outdoor flooring solutions: Outperforming, save and flexible

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With Elastan®, BASF provides a high-quality polyurethane binder portfolio for a wide range of applications in outdoor flooring. Our portfolio offers versatile and tailored solutions in a variety of application areas.

Application areas for Elastan® binders

  • Sports fields
  • Children´s play grounds
  • Running tracks
  • Artificial turf
  • Multi-purpose areas
  • Landscape gardening
  • Rubber mulch
  • Anti-slip or decorative edgings e.g pool borders, balconies

What we offer:

  • Outstanding bond strength to various substrate materials like natural and synthetic rubber materials (e.g. SBR, EPDM), inorganic flooring materials (e.g. stones), synthetic polymer beads and particles (e.g. Infinergy®/ E-TPU, EPS, XPS, plastics), natural based materials like wood and cork
  • Perfect cushioning mitigates the risk of injuries for children in parks and for athletes on running tracks thanks to finetuned elasticity and shock absorption
  • Technical competence enables our customers to fulfill the requirements of international certifications such as DIN EN 14877:2013, DIN 18035/7 and sports federations like IAAF
  • Resilience to challenging climate conditions
  • Our binders contribute to sustainability by bonding a variety of recycled materials from old tires, rigid foam and flexible foam 
  • Flexibility in design in terms of various colour, shape and pattern combinations
  • Adjustable properties of binder material in terms of stiffness and flexibility as well as hardness and softness
  • Easy to apply one-component prepolymer systems
  • Solvent and heavy metal free product



Elastan® binders for woodfibre insulation panels

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The trend towards more ecological construction and sustainable materials drives the demand for wood fibre insulation materials.

Our 1-component PU binder is used in the dry process for the production of stable wood fibre insulation boards. Elastan® enables excellent bonding which adds significantly to the good mechanical properties of the insulation board.

More details on the process technology:

  • Elastan® is designed for a continuous production process
  • The binder material can be applied on the fibres in a spray process for optimized adhesive utilization
  • Elastan® ensures complete wetting of all fibres or the substrate due to its optimal viscosity
  • BASF's binder offers excellent processing properties and a broad processing window

Using our binder does not influence the recyclability of the endproduct! Any production waste can be shredded and returned to the production process of wood fibre insulation boards

Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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