Performance Polymers

Elastocore® (PU) : Superior alternative to steel or reinforced concrete

Elastocore®, the filling of a patended metal-elastomer-metal composite known as SPS (Sandwich Plate System) is used in civil, oil & gas and maritime applications.


Advantages of Elastocore®

  • Simple and strong
  • Low weight and fast construction
  • Dampened vibration and built-in acoustic insulation
  • Safe and fire resistant
  • Can be recycled or re-used


Bonding the two steel face plates, Elastocore®, provides global support thus eliminating weak spots and preventing local buckling.  The inherent characteristics of SPS deliver fire, blast, impact and ballistics protection, noise and vibration damping along with thermal insulation. 

SPS is lighter and more durable than other heavy engineering materials. SPS is used in place of stiffened steel and reinforced concrete and can be found in a multitude of structural applications. The thickness of the composite elements is tailored to meet the design criteria for each application be it terraces for stadiums and arenas, bridge decks, floors or components for ship and oil & gas assets. These components are prefabricated offsite. 

  • The use of SPS:
  • delivers significant weight savings in civil applications
  • shortens project schedules
  • reduces transport and storage
  • provides greater design options
  • reduces foundations and structural frames
  • can be recycled or re-used


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SPS can also be used to strengthen and upgrade steel structures such as bridges and ship decks to beyond their original capacity.  The existing deck is used as one side of the composite with a new faceplate and Elastocore.  Such in-situ repairs are now commonplace and simplify and shorten projects, reduce risk and provide a superior end product to conventional steel renewal. 


An ‘SPS No Hot Work’ solution is available and used extensively in the oil & gas sector. All assets and vessels may remain in service throughout the repair process making repair possible in the most hostile and demanding conditions.

SPS is proven by extensive testing, approved by major classification societies/regulatory bodies and published in Class Rules and Guides.

Structural composites, engineered for the 21st century

SPS makes maritime and civil engineering structures -such as ships, bridges and buildings, offshore platforms- stronger, lighter, faster to build, longer lasting, safer, environmentally friendly and less expensive. With a worldwide network of partners, SPS is recognised and delivered in all sectors internationally.


Our partner worldwide:

SPS Technology


SPS Overlay

Applied onsite, SPS can be used to reinstate or upgrade existing structures through a process several times faster than the conventional "crop and replace".

Civil Engineering

Prefabricated SPS panels can be used in applications including bridges, stadium terraces, flooring systems, elevated roadways and blast walls.


Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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