Performance Polymers

The World's Leading High Performance Responsive Material

Performance Polymers

Infinergy® is Empowering Movement

We are accelerating with the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU). With Infinergy®, we help game changers and go-getters move ahead in life. We empower workers to move like athletes, children to play more safely and athletes to perform at their best.

Infinergy® provides superior energy return while delivering a lightweight, high strength alternative. Infinergy® adds next-level comfort and flexibility in a variety of applications ranging from footwear to flooring to sports equipment.


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How can Infinergy benefit you?


Enabling dress shoes that move like sneakers


Solid safety shoes for demanding work

Raymond Martin Wins Gold Medal in Parapan-Toronto

Empowering atheletes to reach peak performance


Empowering cyclists to ride without irritation

Young Woman Running On Treadmill In Gym

A treadmill that elevates your workout

Empowering tennis players to get more from their game

Empowering you with comfort movement - Infinergy for insoles

Playing it safe - Infinergy for pet toys

Infinergy® in the " Boost" from adidas

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