Performance Polymers

Empowering cyclists to ride without irritation 

Infinergy®’s excellent damping abilities absorb both ground impact and body pressure when cycling, eliminating saddle sore and back strain. Infinergy® allows cyclists to ride comfortably with its lightweight and damping qualities

Core Benefits 



Unlike existing solid inner tube systems, Schwalbe’s Airless System takes advantage of Infinergy®’s long lifespan and high-efficiency damping to replicate the performance of a traditional bicycle tire.

The inner tube composed of Infinergy® offers more than double the elasticity of current foams at a lower weight. This allows smooth, puncture-free riding for public bikes, regular cyclists, and even heavier e-bikes.

In 2017, Ergon made a breakthrough in bicycle saddle technology with their new product built around Infinergy®: the ST Core Ultra.

Using Infinergy® as a damper to create a floating dual-shell seat, both ground impact and body pressure are absorbed and isolated through the saddle. This optimises comfort and back protection for pro cyclists, even on long rides in extreme heator cold.

Bike grips are a seemingly simple item, one that many riders tend to overlook. Infinergy helps to create a comfortable interface for the ride while at the same time ensure the bar ends are protected. Some benefits include :

  • Provides a soft touch
  • Stays dry even after extended use

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