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Ultramid® Vision (PA)

Ultramid® Vision – the first semi-transparent polyamide

BASF has now succeeded in developing Ultramid® Vision, the first semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. Compared to opaque standard polyamides, Ultramid® Vision shows very high light transmission with low light scattering.

This polyamide combines the best properties of two material groups:

  • the chemical resistance, temperature resistance and easy processing of semi-crystalline, opaque resins with
  • the transparency of amorphous polymers,
  • at a competitive price level.

Thus, Ultramid® Vision is a cost-efficient material solution for applications in chemically challenging environments which require a high level of light transmission or even transparency.

Ultramid® Vision

Ultramid® Vision B3K WT15490 and Ultramid® Vision B3K DLT UN are used in a window regulator module.


Ultramid® Vision has physical and thermal properties which are largely comparable to those of conventional unreinforced PA6 compounds, but stands apart from these compounds significantly because of its exceptional visual properties.

In addition to the uncolored base grade Ultramid® Vision B3K UN, there is the option of producing specially equipped products featuring diffuse light scattering along with high transmittance (Ultramid® Vision B3K DLT*). Customers can also obtain specially colored products. Alternatively, Ultramid® Vision can be colored with polyamidebased color masterbatches which can be procured from e.g. BASF Color Solutions.

* DLT = diffuse light transmission

Potential applications

Ultramid® Vision can be employed for manufacturing components in various industries. It is particularly suitable if these components need to provide the following functions:

  • visual check
  • visually attractive light design
  • illumination

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