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Ultrason® household and catering

Ultrason® (PSU, PESU, PPSU) for household and catering: stylish, durable and safe

The demands on household appliances and catering articles are manifold and uncompromising at the same time: They have to be stylish as well as durable, they should be easy as well as safe in usage and they have to comply to legal regulations.

With its Ultrason® portfolio, BASF offers the ideal material for stylish, durable and safe applications in the food packaging and household sectors. The Ultrason® product range comprises polyethersulfone (Ultrason® E), polysulfone (Ultrason® S), and polyphenylsulfone (Ultrason® P) - transparent, high-temperature resistant thermoplastics which keep their excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

Because of their unique property profile all Ultrason® grades offer great design freedom, can easily be colored and substitute glass, metal, ceramic and porcelain. What is more: They also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle and circular economy by being reusable many times without loss in mechanical properties and design – ideal for many to-go applications and multi-cycle food packaging systems!

Ultrason® Household

Ultrason® is the solution for your appliances, catering gear and bottles:

• Catering high-heat pans, trays,
   bowls and lids

• Parts in household appliances like
   coffee machines, water kettles, juicers,
   food processors

• Drinking bottles for adults and babies

• Microwavable dishes

• Non-stick coating for cookware and
   baking dishes    

Watch the video and learn more on the benefits of Ultrason® for your household and catering applications!

Ultrason® Household

With Ultrason® P you can create the perfect bottle – for every need. 

Everyone deserves their perfect bottle – made of Ultrason® P (PPSU)

The BASF polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) can be manufactured in all state-of-the-art production methods. It can be used to produce bottles for adults but also for babies as it contains no harmful substances, is approved for food contact and has outstanding strength, chemical resistance and long-term high-temperature stability. 

Bottles made from the transparent, slightly honey-colored polyphenylsulfone can easily withstand hot steam sterilization. These properties ensure that especially baby bottles made of Ultrason® P are safe to use, while being lightweight and shatter-proof.

Ultrason® Bottle Video Thumbnail

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Ultrason® Kapiteltitel Advantages


Materials for household and catering applications have to fulfill several requirements at once: high mechanical stability, excellent long-term service temperature resistance in hot or cold environments, sustained resistance to foods and chemicals as well as approval for food contact. The amorphous thermoplastic Ultrason® offers all this – and more:


• Temperature-independent   

• Very high, long-term service

• Temperature resistance up
   to 180°C (short-term up
   to 220°C)

• Good dimensional stability

• High stiffness

• High mechanical strength

• Excellent hydrolysis           

• Resistance to superheated

• Stain resistant:
   no discoloration

• Break resistant

• Very good toughness and
   impact resistance

• Exceptional chemical

• Available in transparent or 
   colored with Colorant
   Chromatics™ by Avient

• Approved for food contact
  (FDA, EU)

• Odorless and tasteless

Ultrason® is colorful - tailored to your design ideas!

Ultrason® Kapiteltitel Colorful
Ultrason® Household 7963

Especially in the household and catering industry the request for brilliant colors in both transparent and translucent shades as well as full-colored materials is high. BASF is cooperating with Avient Corporation to globally offer colored grades. These feature BASF’s Ultrason® as high-quality base polymer combined with Avient’s Colorant Chromatics™ high-temperature color formulation expertise for color concentrates and pre-colored solutions. The colored grades will be formulated and sold by Avient as Colorant Chromatics™ made with Ultrason® by BASF.

Your key benefits from our color partnership:

  • You can place various-sized orders with short lead times.
  • You have access to comprehensive technical support from the base polymer to the final-colored product.
  • You can quickly react to design trends.
  • You can increase your speed to market.

You want to develop colorful household appliances or catering articles with PAES? To discuss your color requirements, please contact BASF or go to Avient Design – specialized industrial designers who also understand materials and molding. We can help to simplify your entire process to accelerate time to market and create products that win with your customers.

Ultrason® Household Design Line

Decorative, reproducible marbling patterns for unique serial production

Marmorierte Serienbauteile aus Ultrason® im Standardspritzgießverfahren: Die neue Einfärbetechnik ermöglicht es Designern, mit dem BASF-Polyarylethersulfon Haushaltsgeräte, Cateringgeschirr und Sichtbauteile mit Marmorierungseffekten zu gestalten.  Foto: BASF 2021

It is now possible to produce marbled serial components made of Ultrason®. The coloring technique opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for designers to use BASF's polyarylethersulfones (PAES) to color household appliances, catering bowls and containers. For the first time, surface effects such as color shades, color streaks and patterns can be reproduced: Injection-molded parts of one series look alike but are not completely identical - for the production of one-of-a-kind parts, which at the same time benefit from the outstanding properties of Ultrason® in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance as well as approval for food contact.

Ultrason® Marble Video Thumbnail

Discover – understand – create

For more inspiration on design with Ultrason®: visit one of the four BASF Creation Centers worldwide. Our designers, engineers and simulation experts will support you in your early product development phase - for better and faster innovation.

Explore the BASF Creation Centers!

Ultrason® Kapiteltitel Reusable

GO REUSABLE – This is how you can support a circular economy!

With Ultrason®, reusable, high-quality and stylish household and catering articles with exceptional use properties over a long life-time can be developed. These products can be reused by consumers and recirculated by caterers many times while maintaining performance and design. By this, they support a circular economy for food packaging, avoiding single-use plastics and reducing packaging waste caused by conventional catering, take-away and to-go articles. Thus, reusable catering and to-go articles made of Ultrason® can be part of a multi-cycle system that saves valuable resources and avoids packaging waste as targeted in the Single-Use Plastics EU Directive 2019/904.

Ultrason® for reusable catering and to-go applications
Ultrason® Household Design Line

Go reusable and change to a sustainable lifestyle

  • Improve resource efficiency by using durable catering articles.
  • Extend use time of tableware by longer life cycle.
  • Reduce packaging waste by changing from single-use to multiple-use to-go articles.
  • Improve resource efficiency by saving weight and therefore fuel and transportation energy.

Ultrason® for your sustainable application

  • Reusable to-go mugs for tea, coffee, juice
  • Durable tea/hot water bottles
  • Lightweight catering dishes in airplanes and trains for recirculation
  • Microwavable tableware for catering in schools and hospitals
  • Long-lasting tableware for fast food restaurants
  • High-heat and sterilizable pans/lids for canteens to cook, chill and reheat
Ultrason® Reusable

Learn more in our flyer on the reusability of Ultrason® components

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Best in contact: Excellent chemical resistance of Ultrason® against foods, cleaning agents and care products

Ultrason® Household 8134

BASF tested the stress cracking resistance of Ultrason® to different foods, cleaning agents and care products to make sure that household and catering articles keep their quality and high performance during their entire lifetime and in different stages of usage: when in contact with food, when being cleaned and when touched in handling.

The result: Different Ultrason® grades showed no stress cracks or discoloration, thus proving that they are resistant to all tested media.

More information

Now it is your turn to choose the ideal Ultrason® grade for your needs!



Ultrason® E 2010 Standard injection-molding grade of medium viscosity
Ultrason® E 2010 MR Injection-molding grade of medium viscosity with improved demolding behavior for complex parts
Ultrason® E 3010 Higher viscosity injection-molding and extrusion grade with improved toughness and chemical resistance (stress crack resistance)
Ultrason® E 3010 MR Higher viscosity injection-molding grade with improved thoughness and chemical resistance, improved demolding behavior for complex parts
Ultrason® P 2010 Low viscosity injection-molding and extrusion grade with superior toughness and chemical resistance, resistant against superheated steam
Ultrason® P 3010 Medium viscosity injection-molding and extrusion grade with superior toughness and chemical resistance (stress crack resistance), resistance against superheated steam
Ultrason® Kapiteltitel Easy


The right material for your transparent application – comparison with other materials:








Ultrason® E

Ultrason® P

Optical quality, aesthetical 





honey tint
honey tint
Dishwasher and detergent resistance +/- +/- +/- - + + + +
Microwave resistance - - - - + - ++ ++
Hot steam resistance 
- - - - - + ++ ++
Mechanical properties at high temperatures - - - + + ++ ++ ++

- : poor        +/- : acceptable        + : good            ++ : excellent

Some things are made for the extreme: Ultrason® P (PPSU) proves its impact strength at low temperatures:

Ultrason® P Video Thumbnail
Ultrason® Household and Catering

Brochure: Ultrason® for household and catering

Ultrason® Household Broschuere

Article in K-Profi 08/2021: Plastics as alternative to ceramics (German)


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