Performance Polymers


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Comfort, Health and Safety

Are you looking for an adhesive raw material for medical-technical applications or for a plasticizer for food packaging? We provide the appropriate solution for every need. Select a product from the below selection to find out more.
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Composite Technology Solutions

Composite Technologies such as spray transfer molding, pultrusion or our Ultracom system can be a solution for many challenges. Lightweighting, complex design geometry, recyclability or the use of more sustainable materials are but a few of the reasons to reach out to BASF about your next project.

Cost Effectiveness

Plastics offer numerous advantages compared to other materials: With versatile application options they allow for great freedom of design and are also more cost-efficient than alternative materials. With our tools and many years of experience, excess materials and rejects have become a thing of the past.
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Energy Efficiency

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Therefore it is even more important to conserve the available resources. We support you on your journey to more energy efficiency – from the production to the application.
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Food Contact

The Elastollan® FC portfolio has been specially developed for the use in food contact applications and is often used in the food industry or in drinking water applications.
Das Besondere an den Materialien der BASF sind zum einen ihre herrausragenden Eigenschaften und zum anderen die Produktideen, die sie ermöglichen. Diese werden in der sogenannten „Wunderkammer“ präsentiert, einem Trichter, dessen Wände die Augen abschirmen und den Betrachter so jede räumliche Orientierung verlieren lassen. Die perspektivische Verzerrung lässt sowohl Objekte als auch Besucher in einer verblüffenden Collage verschmelzen. Ein Spiel mit der Wahrnehmung – genauso charmant und analog, wie es 1865, im Entstehungsjahr der BASF, noch gang und gäbe war.

What makes BASF materials special is both their excellent properties and the product ideas they enable. These products are presented in the so-called “Wunderkammer”, or “cabinet of wonders” – a funnel, whose walls block off the peripheral view to suspend spatial orientation. The perspective distortion merges objects and visitors moving amongst them into an astonishing collage. Playing with perception – in just the same charming, analogue way as was so popular in 1865, the year in which BASF was founded.

Individualization and Lifestyle

Here you will find customized material, processing, and design solutions for your needs. We will help you custom-design your products and distinguish yourself from others – with innovative solutions as varied as your customers.

Metal Substitution

BASF engineering plastics offer decisive advantages over established metal structures in many areas. The range of applications for these intelligent plastic solutions extends far beyond automotive engineering and opens up significant development potential for the solar, construction and water industry.

Miniaturization and Connectivity

The world population is on the rise. Cities are becoming larger, space tighter. The requirements for your products undergo changes too. More technology and functionality in ever smaller formats – how is that supposed to work? Our materials and technologies offer right solutions for many issues.

Pioneering Concept Studies

We help you maximize your potential by creating application-oriented industry solutions. We collaborate closely with customers across various target industries, in order to tailor our solutions specifically to individual application needs. As a result, development is driven by local market needs and is coordinated globally.

Plastics for Mechanical Engineering

We want to help you find innovative, sustainable solutions to problems facing equipment and machinery manufacturers today.
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Sanitary and Water Industry

When it comes to parts for the sanitary and water industries, it is not only technical properties that play a crucial role but it is above all health and safety. Under the name Aqua®, BASF offers a comprehensive range of engineering plastics optimized specifically for components in contact with drinking water and food.

Speed and Simplicity

We live in a world demanding ever faster, ever better solutions. With our products you will stay up to date – everywhere in the world.

Sustainable Solutions

At this stage, we are using more than our planet can regenerate. Therefore sustainable development is crucial for our future. We want to proactively co-create the future of our planet and are constantly involved in research to further develop our products.