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coolpure 1.0: Fridge of the Future

Innovative materials, functionality and futuristic design: The concept fridge coolpure 1.0 demonstrates the versatility of polyurethane materials of our product portfolio. The result of this design study? The fridge is neither white nor square and does much more than refrigerate.

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Reinventing the well-known is the idea behind the concept fridge. As an outcome of the design study coolpure 1.0 the household device changes into a technological piece of furniture. For a long time, it has not varied a lot in shape or color, but this fridge now offers lighting and seating in addition to the cooling function. This is achieved through the use of ten innovative polyurethanes. The fridge consists entirely of the material, which is currently mainly used for insulation. "With coolpure 1.0 we would like to show the diverse possibilities for future materials and designs, exploiting the versatility of polyurethanes," explains Project Manager Dr. Nils Mohmeyer. 

The Concept Fridge coolpure 1.0

The Materials of the Visionary Household Device

The used polyurethane materials allow design that is anything but standard: instead of white and square, exceptional shape and color have been achieved for coolpure 1.0. Furthermore, the design study illustrates that innovative materials can also be used for specific conditions such as the inside of a refrigerator. Discover the materials!

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